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  • Recorded Videos
  • Price: INR 24,900
  • Recordings: 6 Months
  • Instance: 1 Month
  • Finely Edited Videos
  • Stepwise Breakdown

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud Learning Subscription

Existing Subscribers:   Access Subscriptions

This product now also includes our Fusion Procure to Pay Subscription

Quick Info

  • Recorded Videos
  • Recordings: 6 Months
  • Instance: 1 Month
  • Finely Edited Videos
  • Stepwise Breakdown

Questions? Call us:

+91 96375 17428

Oracle Fusion Financials Training


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Oracle Fusion Financials Training



  • Oracle Fusion General Ledger Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion Payables Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion Receivables Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion Assets Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion Cash Management Fundamentals
  • Oracle Fusion Approval Management Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion Tax Management Fundamentals
  • Oracle Fusion Rapid Implementation Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Oracle Fusion FBDI – File Based Data Import – Fundamentals
  • Oracle Fusion OTBI – Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence – Fundamentals
  • Hyperion SmartView – Fundamentals
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio – Fundamentals
  • Oracle Fusion ADF-DI – Application Developer Foundation – Desktop Integrator – Fundamentals


Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items
Implementation Project
  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project
Users, Roles and Data Access
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

General Ledger Cloud

Creating Legal Entity

  • Creating an Address
  • Creating a Legal Entity
  • Registering a Legal Entity
Chart of Accounts
  • Creating COA Value Sets
  • Defining COA Structure
  • Defining COA Structure Instances
  • Deploying Flexfield
  • Defining COA Values

Importing Chart of Accounts

  • Understanding FBDI
  • Prepare Values in Spreadsheet
  • Prepare Hierarchies in Spreadsheet
  • Generate CSV and ZIP Files
  • Upload Datafile
  • Load Datafile to Interface Table
  • Import Values from Interface
  • Import Hierarchies from Interface
  • Verify COA Values & Hierarchies

Accounting Calendar

  • Defining Calendar
  • Generate Calendar

Primary Ledgers

  • Defining Primary Ledgers
  • Assigning Legal Entities
  • Setting up Ledger Options

General Ledger Roles

  • Understanding GL Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Assigning Data Access
  • …More GL Setups

Cross Validation Rules

  • Account Combinations Explained
    • Effect of Dynamic Combination Creation
  • Cross-Validation Rules Explained
  • Structure of a Cross-Validation Rule
  • Examples of Cross-Validation Rules
  • Cross-Validation Rules VS. Segment Value Security (Security Rules)
  • Configuring Cross-Validation Rules
  • Verify Cross-Validation Rule by entering Journal
  • Applicability of Cross-Validation Rules (Prospective / Retrospective)
  • Important Notes
  • Manage Cross-Validation Rules Violations

Segment Value Security (Security Rules)

  • Segment and Segment Values Explained
  • Segment Value Security Rules Explained
  • Structure of a Segment Value Security Rule
    • Role, Condition and Policy Explained
  • Examples of Segment Value Security Rules
  • Cross-Validation Rules VS. Segment Value Security (Security Rules)
  • Enabling Security for a Value Set
  • Configuring Segment Value Security Rules
  • Verify Segment Value Security Rule by entering Journal and AP Invoice
  • Important Notes

Account Inspector and Balance Inquiry in Oracle Fusion

  • Account Inspector Explained
  • Use cases for Account Inspector
  • Scenario demonstrated for Account Inspector
  • Detail Balance Inquiry Explained
  • Scenario demonstrated for Detail Balance Inquiry
  • Journal Line Inquiry Explained
  • Scenario demonstrated for Journal Line Inquiry

Account Monitor

  • Account Monitor Explained
  • Account Group Explained
  • Creating an Account Group
  • Time Options and Comparison Options for Account Groups Explained
  • Conditional Display of Account Combinations
  • Example Scenarios for Account Monitor (total 7 Scenarios):
    • Explained
    • Executed
  • Security (Access Options) for Account Group
  • Display Options for Account Group:
    • Account Monitor
    • Infolets
    • Close Monitor
    • Financial Reporting Center

General Ledger Setup Validation

  • Open First Period
  • Enter and Post Journals

Budgets/Budgetary Control

  • Enable Budgetary Control
  • Create Budget
  • Create Supplemental Rule
  • Enter Budget Amounts
  • Verify Budgetary Control
  • Budget by Summarised Accounts/Periods

Secondary Ledgers

  • Create Secondary Ledger
  • Data Conversion Levels
  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Primary to Secondary Mapping
  • Subledger Options
  • Verify Journal Generation
  • Verify SLA Journal Generation
  • Inter-company Transactions
  • Inter-company Balancing
  • Setup Inter-company Accounts
  • Enter Inter-company Journal
  • Post Journals
  • Verify Inter-company Accounting


  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Verify Foreign Currency Balances
  • Setup Unrealised Gain/Loss A/cs
  • Run Revaluation
  • Verify Revaluation Journal

Reporting Currency Ledger

  • RC and Translation
  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Create RC Ledgers
  • Data Conversion Levels
  • Translate Balances
  • View Translated Balances
  • View Translated Journals


  • Create COA Mapping
  • Create Consolidation Ledger
  • Perform Consolidation
  • View Consolidation

Mass Allocation

  • Create Account Hierarchy
  • Calculation Manager & Point of View
  • Setup Allocation Ratio
  • Setup Allocation Formula
  • Deploy Allocation Rule
  • Generate Allocation
  • Verify Allocation
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Payables Cloud

Business Units

  • Creating Business Units
  • Business Unit Functions
  • Business Unit Reference Data Sets

Banks Branches & A/cs

  • Creating Bank
  • Creating Branches
  • Creating Bank Accounts

Payables Settings

  • Payables & Procurement Options
  • Setting up Invoice Options
  • Setting up Payment Options
  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Terms
  • Payment Documents
  • Payment Process Profiles
  • Distribution Sets
  • …More Payables Setups

Procurement Agents

  • Employee, User & Procurement Agent
  • Roles for Procurement Agents
  • Procurement Agents & Suppliers

AP Roles

  • Understanding AP Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Assigning Data Access


  • Creating Suppliers
  • Entering Supplier Addresses
  • Creating Supplier Sites
  • Supplier Site Assignments

Payables Invoices

  • Entering AP Invoices
  • Invoice Validation
  • Invoice Accounting


  • Pre-requisites
  • Creating Payment
  • Payment Accounting
  • Prepayment Types
  • Enter Prepayment Invoice
  • Enter Payment
  • Apply Prepayment to Invoices
  • Prepayment Accounting

Dr/Cr Memos

  • Enter Dr/Cr Memo
  • Validate Dr/Cr Memo
  • Dr/Cr Memo Accounting
  • Matching Dr/Cr Memo to Invoice

Quick and Manual Payments

  • Concept
  • Payment Method
  • Issue Payment
  • View Format
  • View Accounting

Electronic Payments

  • Payment method
  • Payment Document
  • Payment Process Profile
  • Issue Payment
  • View Format
  • View Accounting

One Time Payments

  • Concept and Explanation
  • Enabling Feature
  • Verify Location
  • Set Up Accounts
  • Trading Community Source
  • Payables Lookups
  • Using Template
  • View Requests
  • Create Payment
  • Verify Payment File

Invoice Account Coding Workflow

  • Concept and Explanation
  • Example Scenario
  • Important Notes regarding Account Coding Workflow
  • Enabling Feature
  • Activate Feature for BU
  • Configuring the Workflow in AMX (Approvals Management Extension)
  • Routing the Invoice without Distributions, to Accountants
  • Entering Distributions by Accountants
  • An Exceptional Scenario in the Invoice Account Coding Workflow

Descriptive Flexfields

  • Concept and Scenario
  • Global Segments
  • Contexts
  • Context Sensitive Segments
  • Enter Values
  • Search using custom fields

Payment Process Requests

  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Documents
  • Payment Process Profiles
  • Auto-generate Check Payments
  • Auto-generate Electronic Payments
  • Payment Accounting

Bills Payables/FDP

  • Bills Payables
  • Post Dated Checks
  • Payment Methods
  • Entering Future Dated Payments
  • Update Payments on Maturity
  • Bills Payable Flow and Accounting
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Receivables Cloud

Creating Business Units

  • Creating Business Units
  • Business Unit Functions
  • Business Unit Reference Data Sets

Receivables Setups

  • Receivables System Options
  • Receivables Activities
  • Auto-Accounting
  • Transaction Types
  • Transaction Sources
  • Remit to Addresses

Receivables Setups

  • Banks, Branches, Bank Accounts
  • Receipt Classes & Receipt Methods
  • Receipt Sources
  • …More AR Setups

AR Roles

  • Understanding AR Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Assigning Data Access


  • Pre-requisties
  • Creating a Customer
  • Creating Address
  • Creating Address Purpose
  • Sites & Reference Accounts

AR Invoices

  • Opening First Period
  • Creating Invoice
  • Completing Invoice
  • Invoice Accounting


  • Setup Approval Limits
  • Create an Adjustment
  • Approve Adjustment
  • Adjustment accounting

Credit Transactions

  • Transaction Type
  • Create a Credit Transaction
  • Complete Credit Transaction
  • Credit Transaction Accounting
  • View from Original Transaction

Receipt Accounting Cycle

  • Unidentified Receipts
  • Unapplied Receipts
  • Applied Receipts
  • On-Account Receipts
  • Clearance Methods
  • Accounting for above Stages

Customer Profile Classes

  • Create a Customer Profile Class
  • Assign Profile Class
  • Modify Profile Class
  • Verify Change of Attributes in Customers
  • Account Level profiles
  • Site Level Profiles

Receipts – Adjustments and Write Off

  • Create a Receivable Activity
  • Setup Approval Limits
  • Document Sequences
  • Enter Receipt and Apply to Invoice
  • Perform Adjustment
  • Perform Write Offs
  • View Adj. and Write Off Accounting


  • Create a Receivable Activity
  • Create Transaction Type
  • Setup Approval Limits
  • Create Chargeback
  • View Chargeback Accounting

Reference Data Sets

  • What is Reference Data Set
  • Partitioning Data with RDS
  • Sharing Data with RDS
  • Create Reference Data Sets
  • Assign Reference Data Sets
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Assets Cloud

Asset Key Flexfields

  • Asset Category Flexfield
  • Asset Key Flexfield
  • Asset Location Flexfield

Setting up Flexfields

  • Creating Assets Value Sets
  • Creating Flexfield Structures
  • Creating Flexfield Structure Instances
  • Deploying Flexfields

Assets Setups

  • System Controls
  • Fiscal Years
  • Calendars
  • Pro-rate Conventions
  • Depreciation Methods
  • Asset Books
  • Category Combinations
  • Key Combinations
  • Location Combinations
  • …More Asset Setups

Assets Roles

  • Generating Roles
  • Understanding FA Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Assigning Data Access

Assets Setup Validation

  • Open First Period
  • Add an Asset
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Asset Accounting


  • What is Amortisation
  • Amortised Adjustments
  • Expensed Adjustments

Cost Adjustments

  • What is Cost Adjustment
  • Enter Amortised Cost Adjustment
  • Depreciation and Accounting
  • Enter Expensed Cost Adjustment
  • Depreciation and Accounting

Procuring Assets from Payables

  • Payables to Assets Cycle
  • Enter Invoice of Asset Purchase
  • Invoice Accounting
  • Create Mass Additions
  • Prepare Mass Additions
  • Creating new Asset
  • Adding cost to existing Asset
  • Post Mass Additions
  • Find newly created Assets
  • Depreciation
  • Asset Accounting

Asset Revaluation

  • Setup Revaluation Options
  • Setup Revaluation Accounts
  • Initiate Revaluation
  • Preview Revaluation
  • Run Revaluation
  • Revaluation Status
  • Run Depreciation and Accounting
  • Revaluation Accounting

Asset Transfer

  • Asset Assignments
  • Employee, Expense A/c and Location
  • Transfer between employees
  • Transfer between Locations
  • Transfer – Balancing Segment Value
  • Transfer – Cost Centre
  • Transfer – Other Segment Values
  • Depreciation and Accounting
  • Transfer of Costs and Dep Reserve
  • Inter-company Accounting

Asset Reclassification

  • Changing Asset Category
  • Asset Category Defaults
  • Depreciation Methods for Categories
  • Initiate Reclassification
  • Preview Reclassification
  • Reclassification Accounting

Asset Retirement

  • Setup Retirement Options
  • Setup Retirement Accounts
  • Partial Vs Full Retirement
  • Setup Cost of Removal A/c
  • Setup Distribution Set
  • Initiate Retirement
  • View Retirement
  • Prepare Retirement
  • Post Retirement
  • Depreciation and Create Accounting
  • View Retirement Accounting
  • Related AR and AP Accounting

Asset Reinstatement

  • What is Reinstatement
  • Perform Reinstatement
  • Depreciation and Create Accounting
  • View Reinstatement Accounting
  • Reinstatement Limitations

Tax Books

  • Tax Books and Corporate Books
  • Create a Tax Book
  • Associate Tax Book with Corporate Book
  • Accounting for Tax Books
  • Set up Categories for Tax Books

Roles for Tax Books

  • Understand Roles for Tax Books
  • Access Oracle Identity Manager
  • Access Users in OIM
  • Assign Roles

Copy from Corporate to Tax Book

  • Corporate Book Periods
  • Tax Book Periods
  • Copying Assets from Corp to Tax Book
  • Depreciation Methods for Tax Book
  • Accounting for Corporate and Tax Books
  • Periodic Copy Cycle
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Cash Management Cloud

Cash Management

  • Cash Management Setups
  • Banks, Branches & Bank Accounts
  • Creating Bank
  • Transaction Codes
  • Entering Bank Statements
  • Entering Bank Statement Lines
  • Entering Receipts and Payments
  • …More CM Setups

Manual Reconciliation

  • Match Receipts
  • Match Payments

Auto Reconciliation

  • Enter Bank Statements, Lines
  • Enter Receipts, Payments
  • Setup Matching Rules
  • Run Auto Reconciliation
  • Validate Unreconciled Items

Reference Data Sets

  • Concept
  • Sharing/Partitioning Data
  • Creating Reference Data Sets
  • Assigning Reference Data Sets
  • Data Elements & Reference data Sets

Cash Positioning

  • What is Cash Positioning
  • Fusion Vs EBS Functionality
  • Payment Documents
  • Receipt Class and Payment Methods
  • Bank Statements
  • Intraday Bank Statements
  • Cash Position Data Processes
  • View Cash Position
  • Creating Payees
  • Ad Hoc Payment Approval Rules
  • Creating Ad Hoc Payments
  • Creating Manual Transactions
  • Bank Account Groups
  • View Cash Position

Fusion Tax Cloud


  • Understand Roles for Tax
  • Access Oracle Identity Manager
  • Access Users in OIM
  • Assign Roles

Tax Model

  • Tax for the Country
  • Different States have different Tax Rates
  • Item Specific Taxation
  • Customer/Supplier Specific taxation
  • Tax Recovery

Tax Regimes

  • Create a Tax Regime
  • Assign Applicable Legal Entities, BUs


  • Create a Tax
  • Setup Tax Point Basis
  • Set Exceptions/Exemptions Applicability
  • Set Recovery Options
  • Set Tax Accounts

Tax Statuses

  • Create a Tax Status
  • Set Exceptions/Exemptions Applicability

Tax Jurisdictions

  • Create a Tax Jurisdiction
  • Specify Tax Accounts
  • Specify Tax Rates
  • Tax Accounts for Tax Rate Periods

Tax Rates and Recovery Rates

  • What is Tax Recovery
  • Create a Tax Rate
  • Create a Tax Recovery Rate

Tax Rules

  • Create Tax Applicability Rule
  • Create Place of Supply Rule
  • Create Taxable Basis Rule
  • Create Tax Calculation Rules

Verify Tax Application

  • Enter a Receivable Invoice
  • Save Invoice and Verify Applied Tax
  • Enter a Payables Invoice
  • Save and Validate Invoice
  • Verify Tax Applied to Payables Invoice
  • Verify Tax Accounting

Approvals Management

Approval Configuration Tasks

  • BPM Worklist
  • Payables Invoice
  • Journals
  • Intercompany
  • Expense Reports

Assignees and Participants

  • What is a Participant Box
  • Enabling a Participant
  • Approval Stages
  • Approval Participants
  • Serial and Parallel Participants

How Approval Config Works

  • How to create Approval Configuration
  • Functionality around Participant Box
  • At Par and Lower Level Participants
  • Serial and Parallel Participants

Approval Types

  • Supervisory
  • Job Level
  • Position
  • Approval Groups
  • Resource
  • Management Chain

Attributes, Conditions & Rules

  • Header Level
  • Line Level
  • Creating Approval Rules

Testing Approval Trx Flow

  • Enable Payables Invoice Approval
  • Entering Invoice
  • Submitting for Approval
  • Approval Notification
  • Approver Actions and Approval
  • Invoice Approval Status

Approval Transaction Flow

  • Enable Payables Invoice Approval
  • Entering Invoice
  • Submitting for Approval
  • Approval Notification
  • Approver Actions and Approval
  • Invoice Approval Status

Parallel Approvals

  • Participant Boxes
  • Approvals in same Participant Box
  • Approvals across Participant Boxes
  • Parallel in Supervisory
  • Parallel in Approval Groups

AMX List Builder Types

  • List Builder Concept
  • Types of List Builders
    • Approval Groups
    • Supervisory Approval
    • Job Level Approval
    • Position Approval
    • Resource
  • How “Participant Type” affects Approval Routing
  • Each Type of List Builder explained

AMX Transactions

  • Transactions Supported in AMX
    • Journals
    • Payables Invoice
    • Intercompany Transactions
    • Expense Reports
    • Payables Payments
  • BPM Worklist task to use, to configure each type of transaction for Approval
  • From where to submit each type of Transaction for Approval
  • How to approve each type of Transaction

AMX Rules, Rule Sets, and Conditions

  • Roles required for AMX
  • Relationship between Participant, Rule, Rule Set, Condition and Attribute
  • How AMX Rules are evaluated
  • Configuring Approval Rules in AMX
  • How to configure the “IF” Conditions
  • Examples of Attributes in a Condition
  • Examples of Conditions in Approval Rules
  • Example of Overlapping Conditions

Reminder Notifications

  • Reminder Options

Auto Approval & Auto Rejection

  • Auto Approval Rules
  • Auto Rejection Rules

Applicability of Rules

  • When Rules Overlap
  • When none of the Rules apply

FYI Notifications

  • Setting up FYI Rules
  • Generating FYI Notifications
  • Transaction Flow

Rapid Implementation

Rapid Implementation – Introduction

  • Understanding Rapid Implementation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How RI creates Rapid Setups

Configurations for Rapid Implementation

  • Prepare for Rapid Implementation
  • Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI for Rapid Implementation

  • Download ADF-DI – How To
  • Install ADF-DI – How To
  • Configure MS Excel
  • Relevance and Usage for Rapid Setups

How to Download RI Spreadsheets

  • Download Various Spreadsheets for Rapid Setups
  • Understanding Structure / Usage of each Spreadsheet

How to Populate RI Spreadsheets

  • Populating CoA Values
  • Populating Hierarchies
  • Populating Legal Entities
  • Populating Ledgers
  • Populating Account Sequences
  • . . . and a lot more

How to Auto-Create Rapid Setups

  • Uploading Rapid Setups
  • Importing Rapid Setups
  • Verifying Rapid Setups

Rapid Setups – Chart of Accounts

  • Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Value Sets
  • Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Values
  • Auto-Create Account Hierarchies
  • Auto-Deploy GL Accounting Flexfield

Rapid Setups – Legal Entities

  • Auto-Create Legal Entities
  • Auto-Assign Balancing Segment Values
  • Auto-Configure Legal Entity Assignments
  • Auto-Configure Legal Entity Registrations

Rapid Setups – General Ledger

  • Auto-Create Accounting Calendars
  • Auto-Create Ledgers
  • Auto-Configure Ledger Options
  • Auto-Create Accounting Configurations

Rapid Setups – Business Units

  • Auto-Create Business Units
  • Auto-Configure Business Functions
  • Auto-Configure Set Assignments

Rapid Setups – Accounts Payables

  • Auto-Configure Common Options
  • Auto-Configure Invoice Options
  • Auto-Configure Payment Options

Rapid Setups – Accounts Receivables

  • Auto-Configure System Options
  • Auto-Configure Accounting Rules

Rapid Setups – Cash Management

  • Auto-Create Banks
  • Auto-Create Bank Branches
  • Auto-Create Bank Accounts

Rapid Setups – Fixed Assets

  • Auto-Create Category Values
  • Auto-Create Location Values
  • Auto-Create Key Values
  • Auto-Create Category Combinations
  • Auto-Create Location Combinations
  • Auto-Create Key Combinations
  • . . . and a lot more
Oracle Fusion Financials Training

Fusion Tools

FBDI (File Based Data Import)

File Based Data Import

  • OER – Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • UCM – Universal
  • Content Manager
  • Downloading Template
  • Entering Data in Template
  • Generating CSV and ZIP files
  • Uploading Data to UCM
  • Upload UCM Data to Interface Table
  • Importing Data
  • One example demo end-to-end

Hyperion Smartview

Hyperion Smartview

  • Setting up Browser
  • Downloading Smartview
  • Installing Smartview
  • Configuring Smartview
  • Configuring MS Excel
  • Logging into Smartview

SmartView Reports/Analysis

  • Point of View
  • Excel View
  • Drag Drop Methods
  • Ad hoc Reporting

SmartView Example

  • Create a Sample Analysis
  • (One example demo end-to-end)

Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio

Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio (HFRS)

  • Setting up Browser
  • Downloading HFRS
  • Installing HFRS
  • Configuring HFRS
  • Logging into HFRS

HFRS Reports/Analysis

  • Creating Database Connection
  • Dimensions Layout
  • Point of View
  • Setting up Dimension Layout
  • Setting up Grid Object Values
  • Setting up POV Object Values
  • Preview Report
  • Publish report
  • One example demo end-to-end


Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

  • Report Catalogues
  • Browsing Catalogues
  • Shared Folders
  • Subject Areas

OTBI Reports/Analysis

  • Selecting Subject Area
  • Selecting Report
  • Columns
  • Report Layout
  • Report Filters
  • Report Prompts
  • Preview and Publish Reports

OTBI Reports/Analysis

  • Preview and Publish Reports
  • One example demo end-to-end


ADF Desktop Interator

  • Download Integrator
  • Install ADF-DI
  • Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI Uploads

  • Download Spreadsheet Template
    (E.g. Journals, AP Invoices, AR Invoices, Asset Addition etc)
  • Enter data in Template
  • Validate Data
  • Upload Data

ADF-DI Upload Journals

  • Download Journals Template
  • Enter Journal Lines in Excel
  • Submit Upload from Excel
  • Verify Uploaded Journal in Fusion
  • One example demo end-to-end


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