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Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle GL & Intercompany Cloud Learning Subscription

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle GL & Intercompany Cloud Learning Subscription

Existing Subscribers:   Access Subscriptions

This product is also included in our Financials Cloud Subscription

Oracle GL Cloud Training


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Oracle GL Cloud Learning Subscription


Oracle Fusion General Ledger Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items
Implementation Project
  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project
Users, Roles and Data Access
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets

More on Roles and Data Access

  • Concept: Fusion Roles and Data Access
  • Fusion Role Types
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets


  • Functional Setup Manager vs Implementation Project
  • Understand Multiple Ways of Setups
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Implementation Project
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Configuration Packages
  • Comparison FSM vs IP

Establish Enterprise Structure

  • Enterprise Information
  • Divisions
  • Legal Entities
  • Business Units
  • Create Business Units
  • Reference Data Sets
  • Location Reference Sets
  • Management Reporting Information

Using Seeded Objects

  • Configuration Continuity
  • Vision Ledgers
  • Vision Business Units
  • Vision Asset Books
  • Vision Superuser
Oracle Fusion General Ledger Training

General Ledger Cloud

Creating Legal Entity

  • Creating an Address
  • Creating a Legal Entity
  • Registering a Legal Entity
Chart of Accounts
  • Creating COA Value Sets
  • Defining COA Structure
  • Defining COA Structure Instances
  • Deploying Flexfield
  • Defining COA Values

Importing Chart of Accounts

  • Understanding FBDI
  • Prepare Values in Spreadsheet
  • Prepare Hierarchies in Spreadsheet
  • Generate CSV and ZIP Files
  • Upload Datafile
  • Load Datafile to Interface Table
  • Import Values from Interface
  • Import Hierarchies from Interface
  • Verify COA Values & Hierarchies

Accounting Calendar

  • Defining Calendar
  • Generate Calendar

Primary Ledgers

  • Defining Primary Ledgers
  • Assigning Legal Entities
  • Setting up Ledger Options

General Ledger Roles

  • Understanding GL Roles
  • Assigning Roles
  • Assigning Data Access
  • …More GL Setups

General Ledger Setup Validation

  • Open First Period
  • Enter and Post Journals

Budgets/Budgetary Control

  • Enable Budgetary Control
  • Create Budget
  • Create Supplemental Rule
  • Enter Budget Amounts
  • Verify Budgetary Control
  • Budget by Summarised Accounts/Periods

Secondary Ledgers

  • Create Secondary Ledger
  • Data Conversion Levels
  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Primary to Secondary Mapping
  • Subledger Options
  • Verify Journal Generation
  • Verify SLA Journal Generation
  • Inter-company Transactions
  • Inter-company Balancing
  • Setup Inter-company Accounts
  • Enter Inter-company Journal
  • Post Journals
  • Verify Inter-company Accounting


  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Verify Foreign Currency Balances
  • Setup Unrealised Gain/Loss A/cs
  • Run Revaluation
  • Verify Revaluation Journal

Reporting Currency Ledger

  • RC and Translation
  • Daily Exchange Rates
  • Create RC Ledgers
  • Data Conversion Levels
  • Translate Balances
  • View Translated Balances
  • View Translated Journals


  • Create COA Mapping
  • Create Consolidation Ledger
  • Perform Consolidation
  • View Consolidation

Mass Allocation

  • Create Account Hierarchy
  • Calculation Manager & Point of View
  • Setup Allocation Ratio
  • Setup Allocation Formula
  • Deploy Allocation Rule
  • Generate Allocation
  • Verify Allocation

Cross Validation Rules

  • Account Combinations Explained
    • Effect of Dynamic Combination Creation
  • Cross-Validation Rules Explained
  • Structure of a Cross-Validation Rule
  • Examples of Cross-Validation Rules
  • Cross-Validation Rules VS. Segment Value Security (Security Rules)
  • Configuring Cross-Validation Rules
  • Verify Cross-Validation Rule by entering Journal
  • Applicability of Cross-Validation Rules (Prospective / Retrospective)
  • Important Notes
  • Manage Cross-Validation Rules Violations

Segment Value Security (Security Rules)

  • Segment and Segment Values Explained
  • Segment Value Security Rules Explained
  • Structure of a Segment Value Security Rule
    • Role, Condition and Policy Explained
  • Examples of Segment Value Security Rules
  • Cross-Validation Rules VS. Segment Value Security (Security Rules)
  • Enabling Security for a Value Set
  • Configuring Segment Value Security Rules
  • Verify Segment Value Security Rule by entering Journal and AP Invoice
  • Important Notes

Account Inspector and Balance Inquiry in Oracle Fusion

  • Account Inspector Explained
  • Use cases for Account Inspector
  • Scenario demonstrated for Account Inspector
  • Detail Balance Inquiry Explained
  • Scenario demonstrated for Detail Balance Inquiry
  • Journal Line Inquiry Explained
  • Scenario demonstrated for Journal Line Inquiry

Account Monitor

  • Account Monitor Explained
  • Account Group Explained
  • Creating an Account Group
  • Time Options and Comparison Options for Account Groups Explained
  • Conditional Display of Account Combinations
  • Example Scenarios for Account Monitor (total 7 Scenarios):
    • Explained
    • Executed
  • Security (Access Options) for Account Group
  • Display Options for Account Group:
    • Account Monitor
    • Infolets
    • Close Monitor
    • Financial Reporting Center

Intercompany and AGIS Cloud
(5+ Hours Total)

Intercompany Basic Transactions

  • Prerequisite Concepts
    • Balancing Segment Values (BSVs)
    • Legal Entities
    • Ledgers
  • Intercompany Accounting:
    • Traditional Accounting
    • Accounting in Oracle Fusion
  • Intercompany Concepts
    • Intercompany Segment – Explained
    • Types of Intercompany Transactions
    • Examples of Intercompany Transactions
  • Intercompany Setups
    • Assigning BSVs
    • Creating Intercompany Balancing Rules
    • Enabling Intercompany
  • Intercompany Transactions – Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
    • GL Journal
    • AP Invoice
    • AR Invoice

Intercompany – Clearing Company

  • Concept of Clearing Company
  • Examples of Transactions involving Clearing Company
  • Clearing Company in Intracompany Transactions
  • Clearing Company in Intercompany Transactions
  • Intercompany Basic Setup
  • Clearing Company Setup
  • Verification of Accounting using Clearing Company – Demonstrated on Fusion Instance using GL Journal

Global Intercompany (AGIS) – Without Invoicing

  • Meaning of Global Intercompany Transactions
  • Global Intracompany Transactions Without Invoicing – Flow Explained
  • Business Scenario Explained
  • Business Scenario Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
    • IC Transaction Types
    • IC Balancing Rules
    • IC System Options
    • IC Periods
    • IC Organizations
    • IC Manual Approval Rules
    • Create IC Transaction
    • View Journals for IC Transaction
      • In Provider’s Ledger
      • In Receiver’s Ledger

Global Intercompany (AGIS) – WITH Invoicing

  • Meaning of Global Intercompany Transactions With Invoicing
  • Global Intracompany Transactions WITH Invoicing – Flow Explained
  • Business Scenario Explained
  • Business Scenario Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
    • Customer for Intercompany Transactions
    • Supplier for Intercompany Transactions
    • IC Customer Supplier Association
    • IC Receivables Assignment
    • Create IC Transaction
    • View Invoices generated for IC Transaction
      • Payables Invoice
      • Receivables Invoice
    • Create and View Accounting for the Invoices

Global Intercompany (AGIS) – Credit Memos

  • Need of Credit Memos in Global Intercompany Transactions
  • Positive vs Negative Global Intercompany Transactions
  • How nature of Global Intercompany Transaction affects various particulars
  • Business Scenario Explained
  • Business Scenario Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
    • Setups to enable creation of Credit Memos from Global Intercompany Transactions
    • Create IC Transaction
    • View Credit Memos generated for IC Transaction
      • Payables Credit Memo
      • Receivables Credit Memo
    • Create and View Accounting for the Credit Memos

Global Intercompany (AGIS) – Using Transaction Account Definition (TAD)

  • TAD – Meaning and Explanation
  • Use Case of TAD in Global Intercompany Transactions
  • TAD in the context of a Business Scenario – Explained
  • TAD in the context of a Business Scenario – Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
    • Account Rules
    • Create TAD
    • Assign TAD
    • View Account Combinations Auto-generated by TAD 

Global Intercompany (AGIS) – Reconciliation Report

  • Intercompany Reconciliation –  Explained
  • Intercompany Reconciliation Business Scenario – Explained
  • Reconciliation Report Steps – Explained
  • Reconciliation Report Steps – Demonstrated on Fusion Instance
  • Understanding the Reconciliation Report
  • Drill-down
  • Exporting the Report


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