Your next purchase can be without a payment

In a nutshell

Refer our products to your friend. When your friend makes a purchase:

1) Your friend gets 5% discount, PLUS

2) You get 7% discount coupon !          

How it works

  1. You make your first purchase with us for any amount. You get your shareable referral link.

  2. You share this link with your friend. He makes his first purchase with us through your link, for say, INR 70,000. He gets an automatic discount of 5% (INR 3,500). In addition, YOU get a discount coupon of 7% (INR 4,900)

  3. You can redeem this coupon fully (INR 4,900) with us on your next purchase, OR you can encash (i.e. Cash will be paid to you) 70% of it right away (INR 3,430). The rest 30% will lapse in that case. 


  • You can encash 70% of your referral discount coupon value (cash will be paid to you). Remaining 30% will lapse

  • Alternatively you can use 100% of the coupon value for a purchase with us

  • You can purchase a product entirely with referral discount coupons as well!


  • You need to have at least one purchase with us from a registered account to get your own referral link. Create account on My account page

  • Share your referral link to your friend (either manually or through the methods provided below and on My account page). The discount will be generated by the system only when the purchase is made via the referral link

  • The person you refer to should not have previously purchased any of our products

  • Discounts will be calculated as a percentage of order value of the order placed via referral link, International shipping will be excluded from order value for the purpose of calculating value of referral discount coupons