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Oracle Fusion Cloud

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Oracle Fusion Tools Learning Subscription


Oracle Fusion Tools Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items
Implementation Project
  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project
Users, Roles and Data Access
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets

More on Roles and Data Access

  • Concept: Fusion Roles and Data Access
  • Fusion Role Types
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets


  • Functional Setup Manager vs Implementation Project
  • Understand Multiple Ways of Setups
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Implementation Project
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Configuration Packages
  • Comparison FSM vs IP

Establish Enterprise Structure

  • Enterprise Information
  • Divisions
  • Legal Entities
  • Business Units
  • Create Business Units
  • Reference Data Sets
  • Location Reference Sets
  • Management Reporting Information

Using Seeded Objects

  • Configuration Continuity
  • Vision Ledgers
  • Vision Business Units
  • Vision Asset Books
  • Vision Superuser
Oracle Fusion Tools Training

Fusion Tools

File Based Data Import (FBDI)

  • File Based Data Import
  • OER – Oracle Enterprise Repository
  • UCM – Universal Content Manager
  • Downloading Template
  • Entering Data in Template
  • Generating CSV and ZIP files
  • Uploading Data to UCM
  • Upload UCM Data to Interface Table
  • Importing Data
  • One example demo end-to-end

Hyperion Smartview

  • Setting up Browser
  • Downloading Smartview
  • Installing Smartview
  • Configuring Smartview
  • Configuring MS Excel
  • Logging into Smartview

Smartview Reports/Analysis

  • Point of View
  • Excel View
  • Drag Drop Methods
  • Ad hoc Reporting


  • One example demo end-to-end

Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio

  • Setting up Browser
  • Downloading HFRS
  • Installing HFRS
  • Configuring HFRS
  • Logging into HFRS

HFRS Reports/Analysis

  • Creating Database Connection
  • Dimensions Layout
  • Point of View
  • Setting up Dimension Layout
  • Setting up Grid Object Values
  • Setting up POV Object Values
  • Preview Report
  • Publish report
  • One example demo end-to-end
  • Tools.jar Issue
  • Unable to Launch HFRS Issue
  • Installation Process
  • Latest JDK Download
  • Latest JDK Installation
  • Copy Tools.jar
  • Repaid HFRS Installation
  • Launch HFRS

Hyperion Web Reporting Studio

  • Assign necessary roles
  • Run user sync processes
  • Launch HFRS Web Studio
  • Create Database Connection
  • Specify Dimensions
  • Specify POV parameters
  • Publish output as PDF

Oracle Transactions BI

  • Report Catalogues
  • Browsing Catalogues
  • Shared Folders
  • Subject Areas

OTBI Reports/Analysis

  • Selecting Subject Area
  • Selecting Report Columns
  • Report Layout
  • Report Filters
  • Report Prompts
  • Preview and Publish Reports
  • Preview and Publish Reports
  • One example demo end-to-end

SQL Query from OTBI Front End

  • Open Query Builder
  • Building a Query
  • Join Tables
  • Conditions
  • Order

ADF Desktop Integrator

  • Download Integrator
  • Install ADF-DI
  • Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI Uploads

  • Download Spreadsheet Template
  • (E.g. Journals, AP Invoices, AR Invoices, Asset Addition etc)
  • Enter data in Template
  • Validate Data
  • Upload Data

ADF-DI Upload Journals

  • Download Journals Template
  • Enter Journal Lines in Excel
  • Submit Upload from Excel
  • Verify Uploaded Journal in Fusion
  • One example demo end-to-end


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Oracle Fusion Tools Training


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