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Oracle Certifications

As per our recent survey, 70% of professionals stated that Oracle Cloud Certifications are valuable in the eyes of employers. This is especially true for your First Job in Fusion Cloud


Having at least one Certification introduces you as a Cloud Consultant to the Employers


It is not easy to get certified


That is why, we have developed an offering to remove the struggle out of getting certified

Certification Approach

There is too much content to cover and you don’t know where begin?

This will help you:

Tremendous amount of content is expected to be covered to pass each certification. It is overwhelming to do it on your own



To make this struggle easy, we provide the following with OEG Portal:


  1. Demonstrations
  2. Documentations
  3. Certification MCQs
  4. Registration Assistance

Each Topic will have demonstration in the form of video / step by step documentation with snaps.


The First step will be to execute the flows for the important topics on a live instance at least 2 times

Documentations are of 2 types


  1. Proprietary OEG Docs: Provide content in crisp, to-the-point manner
  2. Oracle Docs: Oracle Corporation provides free oracle docs which are very good as comprehensive reference guides


Read the OEG docs before moving on to the next step. Relevance of Oracle docs will be clear in Certification MCQs step.

Oracle Certification Exams are in MCQ  (Multiple Choice Question) format.


In OEG Portal we have provided actual questions asked in the exam by Oracle.


From analysing several exams, we have seen that majority of the questions are repeated in the exams. Hence, this is the most critical step in certification preparation.


While practicing Certification MCQs, it is very important to think about each question and refer earlier demonstration and docs. In this step Oracle Docs will be of great use

Once you have completed your preparation, it is time to register for your exam and schedule a comfortable date and time.


It is difficult to register for your first oracle certification exam on your own.


We will guide you through this entire process in 4 minutes with an easy to follow video.

This is an approach that we recommend for clearing certification.

Module specific guidance and content is available within OEG Portal

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