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Migrate from EBS to Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud

You have years of experience in EBS Financials. You want to migrate your skills from EBS to Fusion Cloud quickly. That is where we come in. Use the following guide to do just that using OEG Portal Subscription !

Order to follow

Go through the videos in the following order:

  1. Users, Roles and Data Access (Watch Free Video if you are not a Subscriber)
  2. Creating Implementation Project (Watch Free Video if you are not a Subscriber)
  1. Creating Chart Chart of Accounts (Watch Free Video if you are not a Subscriber)
  2. Importing CoA Values and Hierarchies (Watch Free Video if you are not a Subscriber)
  3. Setting Up General Ledger (Watch Free Video if you are not a Subscriber)
  1. Using Seeded Object

By this time it is likely that the instance might have been refreshed. Does this mean you have to redo all the setups you did till date? Of course not. Watch the above video to save tremendous amount of time. At the moment, only chapters 1  (Config Continuity) and 2 (Vision Ledgers) are relevant.

  1. Using Seeded Object

Next up is Cash Management. To perform this cycle you need setups for GL, AP and AR in place. To save time, watch the entire video and perform the cash management cycle with seeded setups of GL, AP and AR. Watch the entire video this time.

  1. ADF-DI
  2. FBDI (already covered in GL Foundation – CoA Import)
  3. Smartview (Chapters: 000 to 104)
  4. OTBI (Chapters: 200 to 204)
  5. Hyperion Financial Reporting Studio
  6. HFRS – Common Issues


  • Smartview and OTBI are part of the same video. Refer chapters as mentioned
  • Installing HFRS is a complex task for which it is very likely that you will encounter issues. Refer Video-6 above for dealing with these issues.

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