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List of Chapters and Topics – AMX, Roles Management

Approval Configuration Tasks

BPM Worklist

Payables Invoice



Expense Reports

Assignees and Participants

What is a Participant Box

Enabling a Participant

Approval Stages

Approval Participants

Serial and Parallel Participants

How Approval Config Works

How to create Approval Configuration

Functionality around Participant Box

At Par and Lower Level Participants

Serial and Parallel Participants

Approval Types


Job Level


Approval Groups


Management Chain

Attributes, Conditions & Rules

Header Level

Line Level

Creating Approval Rules

Testing Approval Trx Flow

Enable Payables Invoice Approval

Entering Invoice

Submitting for Approval

Approval Notification

Approver Actions and Approval

Invoice Approval Status

Approval Transaction Flow

Enable Payables Invoice Approval

Entering Invoice

Submitting for Approval

Approval Notification

Approver Actions and Approval

Invoice Approval Status

Parallel Approvals

Participant Boxes

Approvals in same Participant Box

Approvals across Participant Boxes

Parallel in Supervisory

Parallel in Approval Groups

Substitution Rules

Creating Substitution Rule

Creating Invoice

Submitting for Approval

Verify Substitution

Vacation Rules

Enabling Vacation Rules

Setting up Vacation Rules



Transaction Flow

Escalation, Expiration & Renewal

Escalation Options

Expiration Options

Renewal Options

Reminder Notifications

Reminder Options

Auto Approval & Auto Rejection

Auto Approval Rules

Auto Rejection Rules

Applicability of Rules

When Rules Overlap

When none of the Rules apply

FYI Notifications

Setting up FYI Rules

Generating FYI Notifications

Transaction Flow

Task Creator Vs Requester

Creating Task Creator based Rule

Creating Task Requester based Rule

Transaction Flow

Excluding PO Matched Invoices

PO Matched Vs Non-Matched Invoices

Approval Scenarios

Transaction Flow

Roles Management

Roles, Access and Identity

Accessing Oracle Identity Manager

Accessing Oracle Entitlements Server

Accessing APM Console

Basic Components



Application Roles

External Roles

Authorisation Policies

Role Templates

Basic Role Templates in Fusion

Function of Role Templates

Data Roles Vs Job Roles

Creating Custom Roles

Application Role

Mapping Application Role to External Role

Creating Role Template

Generating Data Roles

Assignment of Data Roles

Verify Results

Configuration Packages


Copying Configuarations across Instances

Preparing Configuration Package

Download Package

Uploading Cfg Package in another Instance

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