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Fusion AR

Summary – Fusion Receivables and Adv. Collections

Oracle Fusion Receivables and Fusion Advanced Collections – 2 Volumes cut out from the “11 Vol Book Set on Oracle Financials Cloud” (Oracle Fusion Financials).

A Unique Book Set on the latest Oracle ERP Suitable For

  • Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Financials Consultants (i.e. People who already know Oracle EBS)
  • Trainees and Professionals like CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Other Finance Professionals, working in Oracle ERP.
  • A great Opportunity to Head Start your Oracle ERP Career.

Step by Step Visual Guide to perform Oracle Fusion Financials Functionalities including abundant snaps of actual Oracle Financials Cloud (Fusion) Screens.

750+ Pages (per latest update)

1,400+ Oracle Fusion Snaps  

Covers Setups/Configurations and Transactions.

Fusion AR Bundle Includes Books Covering following Modules

Fusion Receivables – 2 Volumes (Includes Fusion Advanced Collections)

List of Chapters and Topics – AR

Implementation Project

Implementation Project

Create Implementation Project

Configure Offerings

Login to Fusion

Creating Business Units

Create a Location

Create a Business Unit

Business Unit Functions

Business Unit Roles

Access Oracle Identity Manager

Assign Roles from OIM

Banks, Branches , Bank Accounts

Create a Bank

Create a Branch

Create a Bank Account

Configure Business Units

System Options

Payment Terms

Receivable Activities


Transaction Types

Transaction Sources

Configure Business Units…

Remit-To Addresses

Standard Memo Lines

Receipt Classes and Methods

Receipt Sources

More Setups related to BUs

Finalise Business Unit Setups

Create Customers


Create Customer

Create Address

Create Customer Accounts

Create Account Sites

Create Business Purposes

Auto Accounting

How Auto Accounting Works

Auto Accounting sources

Auto Accounting GL Accounts

Understand Auto Accounting Setups

Receivable Transactions

Open Receivables Period

Enter Invoices

Complete Invoice

Invoice Accounting

Transfer Accounting to GL

View Accounting


Enter a Receipt

Apply Receipt to Invoices

Receipt Accounting

Transfer Accounting to GL

View Receipt Accounting

Foreign Currency Invoices

Daily Exchange Rates

Unrealised Gain/Loss Accounts

Enter Foreign Currency Invoice

Enter Foreign Currency Receipt

Apply Receipt to Invoice

Create accounting for Receipt

View Gain/Loss Accounting

Debit Memos and Credit Memos

Transaction Types

Enter a Credit Memo

Apply Credit Memo to Invoice

Enter Debit memo

Apply Dr Memo to Invoice (Work Around)

Accounting of Dr/Cr Memos


Setup Approval Limits

Create an Adjustment

Approve Adjustment

Adjustment accounting

Credit Transactions

Transaction Type

Create a Credit Transaction

Complete Credit Transaction

Credit Transaction Accounting

View from Original Transaction

Balance Details

Transaction Balance Details

Transaction Activities

Invoices with Rules

Bill in Arrears and Bill in Advance

Fixed Period Revenue Recognition

Variable Period Revenue Recognition

Daily Revenue Recognition All Periods

Daily Revenue Recognition Partial Periods

Invoices with Rules – Trx Flow

Enter Bill in Advance Invoice

Assign Revenue Scheduling Rules

Complete Invoice

Create Invoice Accounting

View Unearned Revenue

View (Earned) Revenue

Deferred Revenue

Create Deferred Revenue Rule

Enter Bill in Advance Invoice

Assign Revenue Scheduling Rules

Complete Invoice

Create Invoice Accounting

Milestone based Revenue Recognition

Receipt Accounting Cycle

Unidentified Receipts

Unapplied Receipts

Applied Receipts

On-Account Receipts

Clearance Methods

Accounting for above Stages

Customer Profile Classes

Create a Customer Profile Class

Assign Profile Class

Modify Profile Class

Verify Change of Attributes in Customers

Account Level profiles

Site Level Profiles

Receipts – Adjustments and Write Off

Create a Receivable Activity

Setup Approval Limits

Document Sequences

Enter Receipt and Apply to Invoice

Perform Adjustment

Perform Write Offs

View Adj. and Write Off Accounting


Create a Receivable Activity

Create Transaction Type

Setup Approval Limits

Create Chargeback

View Chargeback Accounting

Misc Receipts – Miscellaneous Receipts

Create Receivable Activity

Enter a Misc Receipt

Accounting for Misc Receipt

Receipt Refund

Setup Approval Limits

Initiate Refund

Enter Refund Details

Auto-create Payment Request

Find Payment Request

Pay for Refund

Receipt Refund Accounting

Credit Memo Refund

Setup Approval Limits

Initiate Refund

Enter Refund Details

Auto-create Payment Request

Find Payment Request

Pay for Refund

Credit Memo Refund Accounting

Balance Forward Billing

Billing Cycle

Payment Terms

Customer Profile Classes

Enter Transactions

Generate BFBs

View and Print Balance Forward Bills

Late Charges and Interest

Transaction Types

Receivable Activities

Enable Late Charges

Overdue Invoices

Generate Interest Invoices

Interest Invoice Accounting

Bills Receivables

BR Transaction Types

BR Receipt Classes

Define Drawee Customers

Create a Payee

Enter a Bills Receivable

Apple BR to Invoice

BR Accounting

Bills Receivables…

Signed, Unsigned, Drawee Issued BRs

BR Remittance

Maturity and Risk Program

Invoice to BR to Receipt Flow

Accounting for BRs

Automatic Receipts

Receipt Classes and Methods

Document Sequences

Customer Default Payment Methods

Enter Invoices

Auto-create Receipts

View Formatted Receipts

Receipt Accounting

Customer Statements

Customer Profile Classes

Setup Statement Cycles

Setup Statement Options

Send Customer Statements

View Statements

ADF-Desktop Integrator

Download ADF-DI

Install ADF-DI

Setup MS Excel

Uploading Customers – FBDI

Download Customer Import Template

Prepare data in template

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Customers from Datafile

View Imported Customers

Uploading Receipts – ADF-DI

Download Receipts Template

Enter Receipts Data

Upload Receipt Batch

Find Uploaded Batch

View Individual receipts

AutoInvoice – FBDI

Download AutoInvoice Template

Setup Line Transaction Flexfield

Setup AutoInvoice related Options

Prepare Data in Spreadsheet

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Invoices from Datafile

Lockbox Import – FBDI

Download Lockbox Template

Setup Lockbox related Options

Prepare Data in Spreadsheet

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Receipts from Datafile

Auto-Apply Receipts and Verify

Recurring Bill Plans

Setups related to Recurring Bill Plan

Create a Recurring Bill Plan

Generate Recurring Bill Plan

View Generated Invoices

Reference Data Sets

What is Reference Data Set

Partitioning Data with RDS

Sharing Data with RDS

Create Reference Data Sets

Assign Reference Data Sets

Collections / Adv. Collections

Roles, Methods and Preferences in Advanced Collections

Understanding Roles

Assigning Roles

Acing Methods


Collection Preferences

Collection Methods

Scoring Engines

What are Scoring Engines

Scoring Engine Points

Weighted Average Scores

Create a Scoring Engine

Copy an Existing Scoring Engine

Delinquency Determination


Scoring Engines

Determining Customer Status

Status = Current, Delinquent

Update Customer Status

Verify Customer Status

Custom Scoring Engines

Scoring Engine Data Points

Customer Segment

Create Scoring Engine

Assign Weights

Run Scoring Engine

Verify Customer Score

Strategy Management

Setup Collection Method

Strategy Groups

Strategies and Strategy Tasks

Customer Scores and Strategies

Auto-Assign Strategies to Customers

Overriding Strategies

Executing Strategy Tasks

Dunning Letters – Aged Dunning

Dunning Letter Templates

Dunning Options

Collection Methods

Setup Customer Profile Classes

Customer Scoring

Dunning Letters based on Overdue Days

Send Dunning Letters

Dunning Letters – Staged Dunning

Dunning Stages

Setup Staged Dunning

Setup Customer Profile Classes

Send Dunning Letters

View Dunning Letters

View Dunning Stages

11 Volume Book Set on Oracle Fusion Financials (Oracle Financials Cloud)

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