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Oracle EBS Assets and Cash Management set consists of 4 Volumes cut out from 21 Volume Book Set on Oracle (eBusiness Suite R12) Financials

The 21 Volume Book Set for eBusiness Suite R12 Financials is suitable for

  • Trainees and Professionals like CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Other Finance Professionals, working in Oracle ERP.
  • A great Opportunity to Head Start your Oracle ERP Career.

Step by Step Visual Guide to perform Oracle R12 EBS Functionalities including abundant snaps of actual Oracle EBS R12 screens.

400+ Pages

750+ Oracle EBS Snaps  

Covers Setups/Configurations and Transactions.

Oracle Assets – 3 Volumes

Oracle Cash Management  – 1 Volume

List of Chapters and Topics – FA and Cash Management

Asset Categories

Major Asset Categories

Minor Asset Categories

Category Combinations

Depreciation Methods

Straight Line Life Based

Straight Line Rate Based

Written Down Value Methods

Other Depreciation Methods

Fiscal Years & Calendars

Defining Fiscal Years

Defining Depreciation Calendars

Defining Prorating Calendars

Prorating Conventions

What is Prorating Convention

Defining Prorating Conventions

Key Flexfields in Assets Module

Asset Category Flexfield

Asset Key Flexfield

Asset Location Flexfield

Setting up Assets Module

Creating Fiscal Year

Creating Calendar

Setting up Category, Key and Location Flexfields

System Controls

Setting up Depreciation Methods

Setting up Prorate and Retirement Conventions

Defining Corporate Book

Other Mandatory Setups and Profile Options

Manual Asset Additions



Entering Asset Details

Assets WebADI

Additions through Spreadsheets

Setting up WebADI

Setting up Excel

Setting up Browser

Downloading WebADI Template

Adding/Copying Asset Details on Spreadsheet

Uploading Assets from Spreadsheet

Running Depreciation

Draft Depreciation

Depreciation with Period Close

Create Accounting Process

Adding Assets through Payables

Setting up Assets for Capture through Payables

Setting up Payables for Recording Asset Purchases

Payables Invoice to Asset Transaction Cycle

Mass Additions Create, Prepare and Post

Source Lines on Assets

Adding Costs to Existing Assets

Cost Adjustments

What is Cost Adjustment

Expensed Cost Adjustments

Amortized Cost Adjustments

CIP Assets

What are CIP Assets

Creating CIP Assets

Accumulation of Cost on CIP Assets over Multiple Periods

Cost Capture through Payables

Asset Capitalization and Putting Asset to Use

Adding Costs after Capitalization

Depreciating Capitalized Assets

Tax Books

Creating Tax Books

Setting up Asset Categories for Tax Books

Copying Assets from Corporate Book to Tax Book

Initial Mass Copy and Periodic Mass Copy

Running Depreciation for Tax Books

Group Assets

What is Group Asset and Group Depreciation

Creating an Asset Group

Adding Assets to Group

Group Depreciation and Individual Depreciation

Asset Transfers

Asset Transfers Between Employees or Locations

Asset Transfers between Expense Accounts

Transfer Between Bal. Segment Values (Intercompany Transfers)

Transfer Between Cost Centers

Accounting for Transfers

Create Accounting

Running Depreciation as a Pre-requisite

Create Accounting Process

Journal Import

Asset Revaluation

What is Asset Revaluation

Setting up Revaluation Options

Performing Revaluation

Revalued Cost Details

Asset Revaluation Accounting

Mass Reclassification

What is Reclassification

Setting up Asset Categories

Performing Reclassification

Reclassification Accounting

Mass Retirement

What is Asset Retirement and Mass Retirement

Setting up Retirement Accounts

Recording Cost of Removal from Payables

Recording Proceeds of Sale in Receivables

Setup Tasks for Retirement

Performing Mass Retirement

Retirement Accounting and Gain/Loss

Mass Changes

What are Mass Changes

Expensed Changes and Amortized Changes

Performing Mass Changes

Accounting for Mass Changes

Mass Re-instatement

What is Asset Re-instatement and Mass Re-instatement

Setting up Accounts

Performing Re-instatement

Re-instatement Accounting

Security By Book

What is Security By Book

Creating Asset Organization

Assigning Asset Books to Asset Organization

Securing Responsibility Access to Assigned Books

Setting Profile Options

Unplanned Depreciation

What is Unplanned Depreciation

Charging Unplanned Depreciation

Amortization and Accounting

Budget Books

Defining Budget Books

Entering Category Budgets

Budget-To-Actual Reporting

Depreciation Override

What is Depreciation Override

Enabling the Override

Entering Depreciation Override Transaction

Running Depreciation

Accounting for Depreciation Override

List of Chapters / Topics – Oracle Cash management

Configuring Cash Management

Creating Operating Unit

Creating Cash management Responsibility

Setting up Profile Options

Setting up Payables module

Accessing Cash Management

Creating Bank Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Entering/Uploading Bank Statements

Entering Receipts/Payments in AR and AP

Reconciling Receipts and Payments Manually

Creating Bank Transaction Codes

Auto Reconciliation

Payables and Receivables Accounting for Clearing

Manual Clearing

What is ‘Clearing’

Clearing Receipts and Payments Manually

Tracking Unclear Transactions

Accounting for Clearing

Cash Forecasting

What is Cash Forecasting

Cash Forecasting Source Types

Creating Cash Forecast Templates

Generating Cash Forecast

Cash Pools

What is Cash Pool

What are Concentration Bank Accounts

Notional and Physical Cash Pools

Cash Positioning

What is Cash Positioning

Setting up Profile Options

Defining a Notional or Physical Cash Pool

Entering Bank Statements

Defining Cash Position Worksheets

Setting up Sources for Inflows and Outflows

Generate Cash Position by Bank A/c

Generate Cash Position by Currency

21 Volume Book Set on Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Financials

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