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EBS Approvals Mgmt


Oracle Approvals Management Engine (AME) consists of 1 Volume cut out from 21 Volume Book Set on Oracle (eBusiness Suite R12) Financials

The 21 Volume Book Set for eBusiness Suite R12 Financials is suitable for

  • Trainees and Professionals like CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Other Finance Professionals, working in Oracle ERP.
  • A great Opportunity to Head Start your Oracle ERP Career.

Step by Step Visual Guide to perform Oracle R12 EBS Functionalities including abundant snaps of actual Oracle EBS R12 screens.

140+ Pages

250+ Oracle EBS Snaps  

Covers Setups/Configurations and Transactions.

Oracle Approvals Management – 1 Volume

List of Chapters and Topics – Approvals Management (AME)

Setting up AME Roles

Setting up AME Administrator and Business Analyst

Setup AME (Approval Management Engine) Roles

Create AME Grants

Setting up AME

Seeded Attributes and Custom Attributes

Setting up Conditions

Setting up Action Types

Setting up Approver Groups

Setting up Approval Rules

Understanding AME Action Types

Supervisory Hierarchy

Absolute Job Level

Relative Job Level

Approval Groups

Approvals Transaction Flow

Entering a Payables Invoice

Initiating approval

Viewing Approvers

Approvers view the notifications

Approvers approve/reject Invoice or Ask for Information

Invoice Status changed to ‘Workflow Approved’ or ‘Rejected’

Approval Conditions

Using Ordinary Conditions

Using Exception Conditions

Approval Rules

Using List Creation Rules

Using List Creation Exception Rules

Using List Modification Rules

Using Substitution Rules

Test Workbench

Troubleshooting AME through Test Workbench

Getting the Transaction ID

Finding Applicable Environment and Rules

Finding How AME identified Approvers

Viewing Approval Process Stages

Approvals Administrator

Creating Transaction Types

Setting up Default Attributes

Modifying Setups of Existing Transaction Types

Misc Topics

Iinclude_All_Job_Level_Approvers attribute

Exclude_PO_Matched attribute

‘At Least’ and ‘At Most’ Approval Levels

21 Volume Book Set on Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Financials

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Valid on:

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  • R12.2.6
  • R12.2.9
  • R12.2.10 [New!]

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