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Oracle SCM Cloud

Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Oracle Fusion SCM Training


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Fundamentals Training

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Core Hands-On Content

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Oracle Fusion Order Management Training



Oracle Fusion SCM Training




Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items

Implementation Project

  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator
  • Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project

Users, Roles and Data Access

  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Oracle Fusion Inventory and Product Configurations

  • Create Location for Inventory Org
  • Create Facility Shifts
  • Create Facility Workday Pattern
  • Create Facility Schedules
  • Create Item/Master Inventory Organization
  • Catalog and category
  • Default category
  • Create Inventory Organizations
  • Create Sub-Inventory & Locators
  • Define UOM
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Business Functions

  • Manage Business Unit Business Unit Business Functions
  • Procurement Business Function
  • Requisitioning Business Function
  • Receiving Parameters
  • Common Options
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Create Requisition DFF
  • Define Requisition Value Sets
  • Define Buyer assignment rule sets lookup
  • Create Buyer assignment rules
  • Roles for Procurement
  • Assigning Roles to User
  • Running LDAP Job
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Manage Procurement Agent
  • Procurement Document Numbering
  • Manage Line Types
  • Manage Document Styles
  • Create Purchasing Value Sets
  • Define Purchasing
  • Descriptive Flexfields (DFFs)
  • Create Supplier
  • Create Supplier Address
  • Create Supplier Site
  • Assign Supplier Site to Procurement BU
  • Create Payment Terms
  • Define Units of Measure
  • Create FOB Lookup
  • Create Freight terms lookup
  • Setup Purchasing Profile Options
  • Create Document Styles
  • Setting up Item Profile Options
  • Receiving descriptive flexfield
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Manage Item Classes
  • Create Item
  • Assign Items to Inventory Organization
  • Operational attribute group
  • Templates
  • Item import – FBDI
  • Serial control
  • Lot number
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Setting up Supplier Number
    Defining Supplier Type Lookup
    Creating Lookup for Tax Organization Type
    Defining Supplier Value sets
    Creating Supplier Descriptive Flexfields
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Approval Groups for Procurement
  • Implementation of Requisition Approvals
  • Implementation of Purchasing Document Approvals
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Transaction Account Builder (TAB)

  • Manage Mapping Sets
  • Create Account Rules for Accrual Account
  • Create Account Rules for Charge Account
  • Create Account Rules for Variance Account
  • Manage Transaction Account Definitions
  • Assign Purchase Transaction Account
  • Definitions to Subledger Accounting Options
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Procurement Transactions

  • Prepare Transaction Upload Template
  • Generate ZIP file
  • Load ZIP file in ERP Cloud UCM
  • Submit accounting process
  • Review Journals in Subledger
  • Review Journals in General Ledger
  • Drill down from GL to Subledger
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Payables Transactions

  • Invoice Creation Based on Receipt
  • Invoice Accounting
  • Payment creation
  • Payment Accounting
Oracle Fusion SCM Training

Payables Reports

  • Running Standard Reports
  • Running BI Reports
  • Supplier Import FBDI
Oracle Fusion SCM Training


  • Master Item Creation Process
  • Receipt Creation Process
  • Receipt Routings
  • Receipt Put Away
  • Conducting Inspection & Delivery of Materials
  • Checking On hand Availability
  • Movement Orders
  • Sub-Inventory Transfers
  • Inter org transfer & Setting up parameters
  • Manage Inter Organization Transfer
  • Purchase Returns
  • Creating Miscellaneous Receipts
  • Creating Unordered Receipt
  • Creating Blind Receipts/Receiving
  • Review Completed Transactions
  • Physical Count
  • Cycle Count


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Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training


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Please note, the documents are owned by Oracle Corporation. OracleErpGuide.com is merely providing the link for your convenience. The above link contains a long list of guides that may or may not be relevant for our oracle scm cloud training. Relevant guide names are mentioned below:

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  • Implementing Procurement
  • Implementing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management (Contains Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Guide as well)
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