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Oracle Financials Cloud

Rapid Implementation Training


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Oracle Financials Cloud

Rapid Implementation Training

Oracle Fusion Financials – Rapid Implementation Training


₹ 10,000 | $ 170

Fundamentals Training

Rapidly transition your EBS knowledge to Fusion

Core Hands-On Content

Executed examples on Fusion Instance



Oracle Fusion Financials Training



  • Oracle Fusion Navigator
  • Users and Roles in Oracle Fusion Cloud
  • Implementation Projects in Oracle Fusion Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Rapid Implementation – Introduction
  • Configurations for Oracle Fusion Rapid Implementation
  • ADF-DI for Oracle Fusion Rapid Implementation
  • Downloading Rapid Implementation Spreadsheets
  • Populating Rapid Implementation Spreadsheets
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Chart of Accounts
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Legal Entities
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – General Ledger
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Business Units
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Payables
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Receivables
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Cash Management
  • Rapid Setups in Oracle Financials Cloud – Fixed Assets


Oracle Fusion Financials – Rapid Implementation Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items

Implementation Project

  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project

Users, Roles and Data Access

  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets
Oracle Fusion Financials – Rapid Implementation Training

Rapid Implementation - Introduction

  • Understanding Rapid Implementation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How RI creates Rapid Setups

Configurations for Rapid Implementation

  • Prepare for Rapid Implementation

  • Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI for Rapid Implementation

  • Download ADF-DI – How To
  • Install ADF-DI – How To
  • Configure MS Excel
  • Relevance and Usage for Rapid Setups

How to Download and Populate RI Spreadsheets

  • Download Various Spreadsheets for Rapid Setups
  • Understanding Structure / Usage of each Spreadsheet
  • Populating CoA Values
  • Populating Hierarchies
  • Populating Legal Entities
  • Populating Ledgers
  • Populating Account Sequences
  • . . . and a lot more

How to Auto-Create Rapid Setups

  • Uploading Rapid Setups
  • Importing Rapid Setups
  • Verifying Rapid Setups

Rapid Setups – Chart of Accounts

  • Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Value Sets
  • Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Values
  • Auto-Create Account Hierarchies
  • Auto-Deploy GL Accounting Flexfield

Rapid Setups – Legal Entities

  • Auto-Create Legal Entities
  • Auto-Assign Balancing Segment Values
  • Auto-Configure Legal Entity Assignments
  • Auto-Configure Legal Entity Registrations

Rapid Setups – General Ledger

  • Auto-Create Accounting Calendars
  • Auto-Create Ledgers
  • Auto-Configure Ledger Options
  • Auto-Create Accounting Configurations

Rapid Setups – Business Units

  • Auto-Create Business Units
  • Auto-Configure Business Functions
  • Auto-Configure Set Assignments

Rapid Setups – Oracle Payables

  • Auto-Configure Common Options
  • Auto-Configure Invoice Options
  • Auto-Configure Payment Options

Rapid Setups – Oracle Receivables

  • Auto-Configure System Options
  • Auto-Configure Accounting Rules

Rapid Setups – Cash Management

  • Auto-Create Banks
  • Auto-Create Bank Branches
  • Auto-Create Bank Accounts

Rapid Setups – Fixed Assets

  • Auto-Create Category Values
  • Auto-Create Location Values
  • Auto-Create Key Values
  • Auto-Create Category Combinations
  • Auto-Create Location Combinations
  • Auto-Create Key Combinations
  • . . . and a lot more


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Oracle Fusion Financials – Rapid Implementation  Training

Oracle Fusion Financials Training



August 10, 2020

The reason for the title of my review is base on……., for years back i have been ruining away for online training, because i always believe no institute can give me the best training needed in Oracle Cloud, until i come across OracleErpGuide, to be sincere OracleErpGuide you are the BEST…… firstly, i am in Nigeria, in West Africa.The institute choose the best convenient time for my training, secondly the trainer was good, into details and the explanation was superb, He took time to attend to all my question and gave me the best training i could ever imagine, thirdly, the support team timely response to my doubt, with this i have recommended two of my friend for the forthcoming training in September/October. i have choose your institute to be the leading among others, and i will always refer/advertise your institute here in Nigeria. I say very BIG THANK YOU. to you out there always look out for OracleErpGuide for your training, i know they will give you the BEST training in Oracle cloud. i challenge people of India and other country of the world that we should embrace this GOLD(OracleErpGuide). thanks to the leader and the Team. this review is directly from my heart and based on the quality of training received.

Idowu Mayowa Fayombo (Lagos Nigeria)

Exceptional Training!

July 15, 2020

Training had provided a smooth transition from EBS to Fusion Cloud Financials. The Videos presented during the sessions were very well organized with step by step instructions. I would recommend if you are looking for a transition from EBS to Fusion Cloud.

Mr Suhas answered questions that course participants had with real insight and provides an excellent,

focused and very informative training on how to get into the fusion financial modules and Tools.

Vani (U.S.A)

Exceptional Cloud Training!!!

September 4, 2019

I have recently attended Cloud training program. It is well designed, informative and very effective for consultants like me, who have already worked on prior release of EBS. Suhas was able to point out the differences between EBS and Cloud release with respect to each financial modules. Training covered implementation steps, out of box functionality in terms of standard processes for each of finance modules, security, and reporting tools available with Cloud. Training sessions provides enough time to do hands on to get comfortable with Cloud release. I will certainly recommend this course to those individuals who have already worked on prior release of EBS and would like to get familiar with Cloud release. Suhas: Thank you for making it so unique and memorable learning experience!!

Vijay T (Florida, USA)

Oracle EBS to Cloud

June 25, 2019

I wouldn’t call this training, it is the best career support anyone could ever get, migrating from EBS to Cloud functionality never thought that it could be done in short time, all credit to Suhas Sir for excellent well organized training sessions, get a feeling to continue to learn, to top it off, Oracle Cloud functional knowledge with the accounting examples under financials was really great to watch, glad that I chose Suhas Sir and Oracle ERP guide.com for my career enhancements. My Best Wishes to Suhas Sir and the support team.

Raja Bodapati (Massachusetts, USA)

The Best Quality of Fusion.

July 8, 2022

One of the finest portal. Customer service was awesome. Access is one the best in market. Course was designed at  market standards. Overall great experience learned a lot from this OEG.


Volatile Instance, Service and material very good

November 3, 2020

I had several issues with the instance, I had to restart so many times, had to sit for hours as the instance was slow, lot of time was wasted, but on the other hand the material provided and the service was extremely helpful. Hope you have success with better instance service from Oracle and keep up the service

Priya Sakhardande

Excellent Training

July 6, 2020

This is a concise and excellent training that should not be missed. I would recommend.


Excellent Training on Oracle Fusion Financials.

July 2, 2020

I’d recommend this training program for everyone who has prior experience working in Oracle EBS and in the process of switching to Oracle Fusion/Cloud.

Shiva R

CA Suhas - Oracle ERP Guru - Outstanding Sessions

June 19, 2020

Dont miss the opportunity- who are new to fusion, must join these sessions to build your skillset.

CA Ravi Sharma

Your Fusion Financials Cloud journey should start here

December 19, 2019

Suhas provides an excellent, focused and very informative training on how to get into the fusion financial modules and Tools as well and get a grasp of the knowledge required to configure and start using the modules/integrations in a short period of time, Thanks


Excellent kick start Fusion Financials course

December 11, 2019

Very precise and highlights the key points for experienced EBS to switch to Fusion and take it forward

Kannan Gopalan

Completed Cloud Financials Fundamentals

September 1, 2019

Completed Cloud Financials Fundamentals and it was really good, Well organized and systematic, Very Interactive and practical approach

Md Mosharraf Ali Raza (Pune, INDIA)

Useful Training

June 20, 2019

Oracle Cloud Financials online documentation is good, but an expert can show you the core of what you need to know without being sidetracked by the less important areas. Suhas is an expert who is also a great communicator. We covered the syllabus as described plus Suhas answered questions that course participants had with real insight and experience. Technical support was good, such as sorting out my access to the Excel Smart View plugin when I didn’t have access to Oracle Support Network. Recommended.

Alex (London, UK)

Exceptional training

May 17, 2019

It was wonderful training on oracle fusion. Suhas answered all the questions and doubt we had.

Ramanath Kamath

Fusion Financials Fundamental

May 13, 2019

Very good coverage of all the essential aspect of Fusion Financials. Suhas was very patient and there was not a single question that wasn’t answered.

Kailasam IYER (Pennsylvania, USA)

Fusion Training

May 8, 2019

I took the training the Fusion financials training. His classes are very organized. His grasp on the topics is very detail. His goal of making sure we understand and getting constant frequently is much appreciated . He focuses on the topic in hand very deftly and is well prepared with videos thus you can never derail and was worth the time. Ace tutor and ERP person.

Kumar (Chennai, INDIA)

Excellent Training

May 7, 2019

The training program is well designed and very effective for those, who have already worked on prior release of EBS. Important changes in Fusion are related to navigation, security and tools, which are well covered in training. AR, AP, FA functionality are almost same. New tools set for reporting analysis are covered well

Yogesh Bagga (Pennsylvania, USA)

Hands on demo of Oracle Cloud Financials Fundamentals

May 7, 2019

Suhas is excellent instructor and demonstrated all the details of the Oracle Cloud Financials Fundamentals and new features especially comparing and contrasting with Oracle EBS Financials. I highly recommend to all the aspirants,who are transitioning their Functional skills from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Financials. Thanks Suhas and Support Team at OracleErpGuide.com Regards – Vijaya Godugu

VIJAYA K GODUGU (Pennsylvania, USA)

Serve the need

May 2, 2019

This training helped me in understanding the basic fundamentals and navigation path of Oracle Fusion Financials application. Trainer Suhas has in-depth knowledge of Oracle Fusion application and assisted me in every step of training course. I would definitely recommend this training for an individual who would like to pursue career in Oracle fusion. Thanks Again!

Raja Dharma (Pennsylvania, USA)

Very Helpful Training...

April 29, 2019

It is very well organized training in terms of training content and hands-on work. It is very helpful in learning some major conceptual , Functional and Navigational changes which has come in Oracle Fusion Financial. Kudos to Suhas!!

Mukesh Singh Bhati ( (Pennsylvania, USA)

Oracle Financials Cloud

April 11, 2019

It was privilege to get trained under Suhas Sir. His teaching and explaining skills are outstanding. He targeted the key areas in Oracle Financials cloud and helped us to clear to the doubts.Higly recommended training if someone is looking for Oracle Financials Cloud training.

Satamanyu Mishra (Dublin, IRELAND)

Suhas Good Instructor

April 3, 2019

I have attended the training recently. M.Suhas was a very good instructor, knowledgeable and available to answer all the questions asked by the students. The training material was very well structured. The only issue is access to the Oracle Fusion instances for hands on Labs. The instances are very often down and we couldn’t complete our exercises. Thank you Suhas for all the knowledge your provide us. I recommend him for attending these courses.

SID Mohd

Good course and great instructor

March 30, 2019

I attended the training batch in March and the sessions were very informative and Mr. Suhas Vaze is a very good instructor.

Amit Vishvanath (Nova Scotia, CANADA)


February 15, 2019

Learned financial fusion concepts without hunting for information to perform a financial analyst job function About Suhas very patient at answering obvious questions

Vishwa Mohan (New Jersey, USA)

Oracle financial cloud

February 4, 2019

This is the excellent training. It contains Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud. GL, AP, AR, FA, CM, and Fusion Tools FBDI, ADF-DI, OTBI, Hyperion Reporting Studio and Hyperion Smartview.

Pooja (Nagpur, INDIA)

Oracle financial cloud

February 4, 2019

This is the excelente and it content all the fusion financials of AP, AR, GL, FA, CM, FRS and All the financials Reporting

Sachin (Nagpur, INDIA)

Oracle Fusion Training

February 1, 2019

best Oracle Training ever!! This is exactly the training you need to get up to speed on Oracle Fusion. If your background is in Oracle EBS and you want to migrate to Oracle Fusion then take the course, buy the books and sign up for the 3 month Oracle Fusion Access. You will not regret it. It will help you build the baseline you need to migrate to Fusion and if you are migrating from Peoplesoft do not get discouraged that Oracle Fusion will be too big a hurdle as he has laid out the course in a very easy to learn format for you to be a success Alan Bain

Alan Bain (Washington, USA)


December 2, 2018

Training provided is very good. I really like the way Suhas sir has presented the training and explained in detailed. Books are really helpful to understand the flow of the module each and every step is explained with screen shots.

Megha (CANADA)

Amazing Oracle Cloud Course

September 29, 2018

This is the right course for you to start with Oracle ERP Cloud / Fusion, using the latest Oracle ERP cloud instance version. Mr.Suhas Vaze is a very good trainer, with large functional and technical Oracle knowledge. He is very patient and answer every single question. Further more a set of books prepared by Mr.Suhas can be purchased, it may help to improve and reinforce Oracle ERP knowledge. I highly recommend this courses content and the teacher Mr.Suhas Vaze.

Nabil Chelihi (Montreal, CANADA)

Awesome Platform to Learn Fusion

September 12, 2018

Its an awesome platform to learn Oracle Fusion. The sessions are very informative and interactive.I have taken fusion classes recently and it was really very structured and organized in such a way that you need not to worry for anything. Just devote yourself to the sessions, follow the instructions, do the hands-on with trainer and your work is done.The head of the institution cum trainer CA Suhas Vaze is a well know ERP trainer and an author for oracle EBS and Fusion book set. He is very calm person and always available to answer any queries/doubts.

Awadh Jaiswal (Banglore, INDIA)

Oracle Cloud Training

June 30, 2018

Excellent training and excellent instructor. Its an excellent training to quickly move from EBS to Cloud.

Nasir Kazmi (Ontario, CANADA)

Suhas ji training was beneficial

June 11, 2018

The tutor is SME in accounting. He is a good trainer. I really enjoyed his s training. Give him 5 stars. Trainer is not merely a trainer. He is the one who has worked in the professional capacity as a subject matter expert in the financials field. The course was very well designed.


Oracle Fusion Training Review

June 5, 2018

I Attended the first batch of Oracle Fusion Training by Suhas. Suhas is the best trainer I have come across so far. He has extensive knowledge about the Oracle ERP(Both EBS and Fusion applications) It was my pleasure to attend this trainig. Cost is reasonable and instance access is also provided during the training.

Raza Razwy (CANADA)

Outstanding Oracle Fusion Training

February 14, 2018

Suhas sir’s Online Classes are outstanding as he elucidates the content with lucid explanation keeping in mind all the participants who come from diverse geographical regions. He’s the only person who comprehends all the Fusion Financial concepts and share to his students without further ado…No one becomes second to him when pitching content with a highly calibrated Measure as he covers all the Trivial and Vital concepts in an optimal time….. Suhas vaze sir’s great work of Oracle Application is his Scholastic Contribution of EBS-R12 Books and Fusion Financials Book Set… he has brought in all his experience and experience in these master Pieces … Oracle Financials Consultants consider his EBS-12 & Fusion Book Sets are Bible for Practising Apps…. Kudos to his passion and Verve!! Hareeshwar Nayudu

Hareeshwar Nayudu

Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion) Financials

January 17, 2017

Very well organized and well designed training. Queries were also answered and discussed properly. provides goods hands on and practical knowledge and awareness for implementations, skills requirements, current global trends etc.

Manjiri Kulkarni


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Oracle Fusion Financials Training


Please note, the documents are owned by Oracle Corporation. OracleErpGuide.com is merely providing the link for your convenience. The above link contains a long list of guides that may or may not be relevant for our Oracle Fusion Financials Training. Relevant guide names are mentioned below:

Oracle Financials Cloud User Guides (20D)

Guides relevant to our Oracle Fusion Financials Training

  • Oracle Fusion General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Payables (Invoice to Pay)
  • Oracle Fusion Receivables (Credit to Cash)
  • Oracle Fusion Assets

Oracle Financials Cloud Implementation Guides (20D)

Guides relevant to our Oracle Fusion Financials Training

  • Oracle Fusion General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Payables (Invoice to Pay)
  • Oracle Fusion Receivables (Credit to Cash)
  • Oracle Fusion Assets
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