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Free Access to Live Online Trainings.

For 1 Year.

Free Access to our 200+ hours high quality recordings.

For 1 Year.

Fusion Instance

Free Access to Fusion Cloud Practice Instances.

For 1 Year.

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On 01-Nov-23 20-Nov-23 Monthly Payment Price will be increased to ₹3,490 (US$39.99) / mo

Buy now at current price and save for 12 months.

OEG One Includes Access to Subscriptions as well as to LIVE Online Trainings

Completely FREE Access to Multiple LIVE Online Trainings

OEG One now also includes access to our Job Assistance Portal

Access to all the following Subscriptions

Includes Subscriptions of General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Assets and Cash Management

Defining SLA Structure for External Application, Importing Transactions, Description Rules, Mapping Sets etc

SLA Concepts, Custom Accounting Method, Description Rules, Accounting Reporting Sequences, Supporting References

Budgetary control and Encumbrance, Transaction Account Definition (TAD), Requisition to Invoice and other P2P flows

Intercompany Basics, Clearing Company, AGIS with and without invoicing, AGIS  – Credit Memos, TAD, Reconciliation Report

Collections Scoring, Strategy Assignment, Segmentation, Dunning, Bankruptcy etc

BPM Worklist, Assignees, Participants, Approval Types, Conditions and Rules etc

ASC 606 and IFRS 15, Scheduling Rules, Performance Obligations, Satisfaction Plans, Integrations etc

Rapid Setups for General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets and Cash Management using ADF-DI

FBDI, ADF-DI, Smartview, OTBI and Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)

Tax Model, Regimes, Taxes, Statuses, Jurisdictions, Rates, Recovery Rates, Tax Rules

Users, Roles, Data Access, Implementation Project, Functional Setup Manager (FSM), Seeded Objects

Lease Creation, Lease Lifecycle and Reporting, Amendment, Payment Terms, Scope Decrease, Lease Termination, Exercise / Cancel Option etc

Project Foundation, Costing, Billing, Project Management, Project Resource Management

Includes content for Purchasing, Supplier Qualification Management (SQM), Procurement Contracts, Inventory etc

Order Orchestration, Transformation, Approvals, Pricing Cloud, Shipping, Global Order Promising (GOP)

Enterprise Structure, Locations, Actions, Lookups, Grades, Jobs, Positions, Hire, Transfer, Promote, Terminate etc

Absence Plan Enrolment, Eligibility Profiles, Absence Plans and Types, DFFs, Derived Factors, Accrual Calculation, Vacation Tracking etc

Elements, Salary Basis, Grades and Grade Ladders, Change Salary, Individual and Workforce Compensation, Worksheets, Approvals etc

Content Mgmt, Courses, Offerings, Evaluations, Assessments, Instructors, Approvals etc

Banks, Consolidation Groups, Elements, Balances, Event Groups, Salary Basis, Calculation Cards, Quickpay, Payroll Calc, Payslips, Rollback

Oracle Fusion Cloud Instance Access for Practice. Master the skills with hands-on experience !

What?? Fusion Instance Access which alone costs INR 24,000 ($320) / per year is also included ? – YES !

Access to Live Training

Banks, Consolidation Groups, Elements, Balances, Event Groups, Salary Basis, Calculation Cards, Quickpay, Payroll Calc, Payslips, Rollback Training Details

Oracle Fusion PPM Foundation, PPM Costing, PPM Billing, Project Mgmt, Project Resource Mgmt, Grants Mgmt

Training Details

See all the live trainings which OEG One members got for free till now

Pricing for OEG One

₹3,490 (US$39) / month / user

(₹34,900 (US$399) per year instead of ₹2,88,600)

Additional Benefits

That is not all. There’s more.

OEG One also provides these additional benefits.

Access to Upcoming PPM and Grants Mgmt Training

Training Details

10% Discount Across OEG Ecosystem

Here’s why these certificates are of high value:

1. The certificates are automatically generated, hence there is no easy way / work around to earn it. This means, you get a certificate only if you have actually completed all the lessons in a course, making them very reliable

2. Your employer company can contact us to verify if the certificate is actually earned by you. In this case, we confirm that you have actually completed the course with us, greatly increasing the confidence of your employer company in your skills

At OEG, we make your certification process super-smooth, by providing you with the following:

1. A video that guides you on how to register for an Oracle Certification exam 

2. Links to useful Oracle docs which are critical for theoretical concepts (available at docs.oracle.com – copyright of Oracle)

3. Mock Certification MCQs are provided with questions and options asked in actual pervious exams. This is the most critical resource for certifications (MCQs + Docs together skyrocket your chances of clearing the certification exams!)

Certification Assistance

Oracle logo and certification badge are copyrights of Oracle.

Job Assistance - OEG Job Portal


Already have an active subscription? Upgrade to OEG One

  1. You must have an active learning subscription. Expired subscriptions do not qualify for availing upgrade
  2. Cost of upgrade = The Difference Amount or INR 10,000 whichever is higher (upgrade cannot result in a refund in any case)
  3. In case you opt to upgrade to OEG One, your subscription period of 1 year will start from the date of your earliest active subscription

Want to upgrade to OEG One? Contact us on WhatsApp 

OEG One Start Date Example:

  • John has subscribed to Financials Cloud Subscription by paying INR 19,900 on 01-Jan-2023
  • He upgrades to OEG One on 01-Mar-2023 by paying INR 15,000 (34,900 – 19,900)
  • OEG One will expire on 31-Dec-2023 (1 year from 01-Jan-2023 i.e. 1 year from the earliest active subscription date)

OEG One Upgrade Cost Example:

  • John has subscribed to Financials + SCM + PPM Cloud Subscription by paying INR 49,700 on 01-Jan-2023
  • He can upgrade to OEG One by paying just the upgrade cost of INR 10,000 ($133) !
  • OEG One will expire on 31-Dec-2023 (1 year from 01-Jan-2023 i.e. 1 year from the earliest active subscription date)

Hear from our customers !

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FAQ: Another vendor is offering a lesser price. Why should I go for OEG?

Some other sellers can beat our pricing with lesser time efficiency, less quality focus and little to non-existent customer support. We’ve heard from many of our customers that training courses from several other sellers often go poorly.


As is the case with most major buying decisions, you get what you pay for. At the end of the day, we ultimately believe that quality comes at a price and are happy to work with both clients and experts who value exactly that – quality over the cheapest price.

PPM Live Training

For existing OEG One Members:

  • Completely Free Access to this Live Training

Not an OEG One Member?

  • Register for the first weekend for just INR 5,000
  • Attend the First Weekend (first 2 days) of the Training
  • If you wish to attend the remaining training, you can subscribe to OEG One by paying the difference amount of INR 29,900 (34,900 – 5,000)
  • If you are not happy after attending the first weekend, we will gladly refund the amount of INR 5,000 i.e you are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee for the amount of INR 5,000

To upgrade to OEG One, Contact us on WhatsApp

OEG One Bulk Discount

Pricing for 2 or more Users:  INR 34,900 INR 24,900 / user / year

Steps to avail this Discount:

    1. Go to OEG One Product Page
    2. Click Subscribe
    3. Click View Cart
    4. Increase the Quantity to 2 or more
    5. Click Update Cart
    6. Apply Coupon: OEG1BULK
    7. Proceed to Checkout

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All Subscriptions Pricing

Subscription Price / year
Financials Cloud (19,900 * 2) 39,800
Accounting Hub (14,900 * 2) 29,800
Subledger Accounting (7,500 * 2) 15,000
Advanced Collections (7,900 * 2) 15,800
Revenue Management (14,900 * 2) 29,800
PPM Cloud (14,900 * 2) 29,800
SCM Cloud (14,900 * 2) 29,800
Order Mgmt Cloud (14,900 * 2) 29,800
Fusion Instance Access (6,000 * 4) 24,000
Live Training - Oracle Lease Accounting Cloud 15,000
Live Training - Financials Cloud 25,000
Live Training - Oracle HCM Cloud | Global HR 5,000
Individual Total 2,88,600
OEG One 34,900


  1. Yearly prices are calculated as twice of 6-months prices (Eg: Financials Cloud for 6 months = 19,900. Financials Cloud for 1-Year is 19,900 * 2 = 39,800)
  2. Prices of Subscriptions like P2P, Approvals Management, Tax Management, Fusion Cloud Foundation, Rapid Implementation etc has not been added since these are included in the Financials Cloud Learning Subscription
  3. Prices of Subscriptions Subledger Accounting, Advanced Collections have been included after deducting the available discounts
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