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Fusion Rapid Implementation

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About the Book

Release 13

A Unique Book on Oracle Fusion Financials– Rapid Implementation

  • Self Paced Learning Guide
  • Written on Fusion Release 13
  • Covers Rapid Setups for Financials Modules (GL, AP, AR, FA, CE)
  • Best suited for EBS R12 Consultants / Fusion Consultants seeking to obtain knowledge of Fusion Financials Rapid Implementation

Content Summary

  • Oracle Fusion Fundamentals
  • Rapid Implementation Fundamentals
  • Pre-requisites before beginning Rapid Implementation
  • Rapid Implementation for Chart of Accounts
  • Rapid Implementation for General Ledger
  • Rapid Implementation for Accounts Payables
  • Rapid Implementation for Accounts Receivables
  • Rapid Implementation for Cash Management
  • Rapid Implementation for Fixed Assets

List of Chapters and Topics – 5 Modules


Navigator & Menu Items

Users and Roles

Login to Fusion

Accessing Security Console

Creating Users

Assigning Roles

Verifying Roles Assigned

Implementation Project

Logging into Fusion

Configure Offerings

Creating Implementation Project

Selecting Offerings

Accessing Task List

Performing Tasks

Accessing Navigator Menus

… More about Impl. Project

Rapid Implementation – Introduction

Understanding Rapid Implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

How RI creates Rapid Setups

Configurations for Rapid Implementation

Prepare for Rapid Implementation

Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI for Rapid Implementation

Download ADF-DI – How To

Install ADF-DI – How To

Configure MS Excel

Relevance and Usage for Rapid Setups

How to Download RI Spreadsheets

Download Various Spreadsheets for Rapid Setups

Understanding Structure / Usage of each Spreadsheet

How to Populate RI Spreadsheets

Populating CoA Values

Populating Hierarchies

Populating Legal Entities

Populating Ledgers

Populating Account Sequences

. . . and a lot more

How to Auto-Create Rapid Setups

Uploading Rapid Setups

Importing Rapid Setups

Verifying Rapid Setups

Rapid Setups – Chart of Accounts

Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Value Sets

Auto-Create Chart of Accounts Values

Auto-Create Account Hierarchies

Auto-Deploy GL Accounting Flexfield

Rapid Setups – Legal Entities

Auto-Create Legal Entities

Auto-Assign Balancing Segment Values

Auto-Configure Legal Entity Assignments

Auto-Configure Legal Entity Registrations

Rapid Setups – General Ledger

Auto-Create Accounting Calendars

Auto-Create Ledgers

Auto-Configure Ledger Options

Auto-Create Accounting Configurations

Rapid Setups – Business Units

Auto-Create Business UnitsP

Auto-Configure Business Functions

Auto-Configure Set Assignments

Rapid Setups – Accounts Payables

Auto-Configure Common Options

Auto-Configure Invoice Options

Auto-Configure Payment Options

Rapid Setups – Accounts Receivables

Auto-Configure System Options

Auto-Configure Accounting Rules

Rapid Setups – Cash Management

Auto-Create Banks

Auto-Create Bank Branches

Auto-Create Bank Accounts

Rapid Setups – Fixed Assets

Auto-Create Category Values

Auto-Create Location Values

Auto-Create Key Values

Auto-Create Category Combinations

Auto-Create Location Combinations

Auto-Create Key Combinations

. . . and a lot more

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Valid on:

  • R12.1.3
  • R12.2.3
  • R12.2.6
  • R12.2.9
  • R12.2.10 [New!]

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