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Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) Training


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Oracle Accounting Hub Cloud Learning Subscription


Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Training

Oracle Fusion Fundamentals


  • Navigator and Menu Items
Implementation Project
  • Logging into Fusion
  • Configure Offerings
  • Creating Implementation Project
  • Selecting Offerings
  • Accessing Task List
  • Performing Tasks
  • Accessing Navigator Menus
  • …more about Implementation Project
Users, Roles and Data Access
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets

More on Roles and Data Access

  • Concept: Fusion Roles and Data Access
  • Fusion Role Types
  • Create user
  • Assign roles
  • Assign data access sets


  • Functional Setup Manager vs Implementation Project
  • Understand Multiple Ways of Setups
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Implementation Project
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Configuration Packages
  • Comparison FSM vs IP

Establish Enterprise Structure

  • Enterprise Information
  • Divisions
  • Legal Entities
  • Business Units
  • Create Business Units
  • Reference Data Sets
  • Location Reference Sets
  • Management Reporting Information

Using Seeded Objects

  • Configuration Continuity
  • Vision Ledgers
  • Vision Business Units
  • Vision Asset Books
  • Vision Superuser
Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Training

Fusion Accounting Hub

Concept, Example and Setting Up AHC

  • What is Accounting Hub
  • How Subledger Accounting works
  • Subledger Accounting Structure
  • Example
  • Prerequisites
  • Role creation and assignment
  • Setting Up Application
  • Setting Up Event Classes
  • Setting Up Event Types

SLA Structure for External Application

  • SLA Structure for the Application
  • Create Accounting Classes
  • Create Accounting Rules
  • Create Journal Line Rule
  • Create Journal Rule Set
  • Associate Rules to Rule Set
  • Accounting Method
  • Assign Journal Rule Set to SLAM
  • Assign Rule Set
  • Activate Rule Set
  • Subledger Accounting Options
    • Accounting Options
    • System Options
    • Run Processes

Importing Transactions and Create Accounting

  • Prerequisite
  • Download required files
  • Populate Data
  • Required Setups
  • Importing Transactions
  • View Accounting

Description Rules, SLA Structure and Sources, Attributes etc

  • Sources and Transaction Objects
    • Sources
    • Transaction Objects
  • Understanding Seeded Apps
    • SLA Structure
    • Conditions
    • Description Rules
    • Mapping Sets
  • Create New
    • Application
    • Event Class
    • Event Type
    • SLA Structure
    • Conditions
    • Description Rules
    • Mapping Sets
  • Import Transactions
  • Create Accounting
  • Verify Results

Accounting in Multiple Ledgers etc

  • Accounting in multiple ledgers
  • Accounting Methods
  • Create Account Rules
  • Create Journal Lines
  • Assign Journal Rules
  • Assign to SLAM
  •  Roles and Data Access
  • Prepare Transactions
  • Import Transactions
  • View SLA Journals

Mapping Sets etc

  • Example
  • Create Value Sets
  • Create Value Set Values
  • Create Mapping Sets
  • Assign Mapping Sets to Segment Rule
  • Create Segment Rules
  • Assign Account Rule to Journal Line
  • Activate Rule Set Assignment
  • Prepare Transactions
  • Import Transactions
  • View Accounting

Event Types and Adding Tables, Columns etc

  • Concept: Event Types
  • Create Event Types
  • Examples of Event Types
  • Accounting and SLA Structure
  • Adding more columns to application tables
  • Manually adding more columns
  • Importing SLA Structure Components


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Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub (FAH) Training


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