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List of Chapters and Topics – GL

Implementation Project

Logging into Fusion

Configure Offerings

Creating Implementation Project

Selecting Offerings

Accessing Task List

Performing Tasks

Accessing Navigator Menus

… More about Impl. Project

Legal Entity

Create an Address

Create a Legal Entity

Register Legal Entity

Chart of Accounts

Define COA Value Sets

Define COA Structure

Define COA Structure Instance

Deploy the FlexField

Define COA Value Set Values

Import COA Values and Hierarchies

Create COA Value Sets

Create COA Structure & Instance

Create Hierarchy Tree

Create Hierarchy Tree Version

Download FBDI Spreadsheet

Prepare Values in FBDI Spreadsheets

Import Values and Hierarchies


Define calendar

Add Years to Calendar

Primary Ledgers

Define Primary Ledgers

Assign Legal Entities

Configure Ledger

Finalize Accounting Configuration

Data Access Sets

Implicit/ Explicit Data Access Sets

Set Privileges in DAS

DAS and Roles

GL Roles

Open Oracle Identity Manager

Access Users

Verify GL Roles

Assign GL Roles


Open GL Periods

Enter Journals

Post Journals

Manual Account Hierarchies

Parent and Child Values

Create Hierarchy Tree

Create Tree Version

Build Tree Manually

Hierarchy Audit

Publish Hierarchy

Foreign Currency Journals

Enter Exchange Rates

Enter Foreign Currency Journal

Complete and Post FC Journals

Verify Foreign Currency Balances

Mixed Currency Journals

Enabling Mixed Currency Journals

Enter Mixed Currency Journal

Complete and Post MC Journals

Verify Foreign Currency Balances

ADF-DI Journals

ADF Desktop Integrator

Download and Install ADF-DI

Setup MS Excel

Enter Journals in Spreadsheet

Upload Journals from Spreadsheet

FBDI Journals

Download FBDI Journals Template

Prepare Journals Data in Template

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile

Import Journals from Datafile

Accounting/Reporting Sequences

Enable Sequencing

Create Sequence

Assign Sequence

Enter, Compete and Post Journals

Period Statuses

Verify Sequences

Descriptive Flex Fields

Global & Contextual DFFs

Create Value Sets

Create Global DFF

Create Contextual DFF

Create Value Set Values

Deploy DFF

Enter Journals and Verify DFFs

Journal Approval

Enable Journal Approval

Setting up AMX for Journal Approval

Enter Journal and Submit for Approval

Approval Notification

Approve Journal

Verify Approval

Journal AutoPosting

Create AutoPost Criteria Set

Assign AutoPost Criteria Set

Enter, Save and Complete Journals

Generating AutoPost Criteria Set

Verify Journal Posting

Security Rules

Enabling Security



Create a Security Rule

Submit Resource

Verify Security Rules

Cross Validation Rules

CVR Conditions

CVR Filters

Create a CVR

Verify CVR

Account Aliases

Enable COA Aliases

Deploy COA

Create Aliases

Verify Aliases

Account Inspector

Inspector View

Page Level Dimensions

Drag and Drop Dimensions

Columnar Views

View Account Balances

Drill-down from Account Inspector

Account Monitor

Create Account Group

Set Balance to Monitor

Set Comparison

Set Accounts to Monitor

View Account Monitor

Drill-down from Account Monitor

Average Daily Balances

Create a Transaction Calendar

Create a Legal Entity and Ledger

Enable ADB

Finalize Configuration

Assign Roles

Verify Average Daily Balances

Journal Reversals

Manual Reversals

Automatic Reversals

Create Auto-Reversal Criteria

Verify Auto-Reversals

Mass Allocation

Create Account Hierarchy

Calculation Manager & Point of View

Setup Allocation Ratio

Setup Allocation Formula

Deploy Allocation Rule

Generate Allocation

Verify Allocation

Formula/Recurring Journals

Setup Point of View

Configure Formula

Validate and Deploy Formula

Generate Formula Journal

Verify Generated Journal

Budgets/Budgetary Control

Enable Budgetary Control

Create Budget

Create Supplemental Rule

Enter Budget Amounts

Verify Budgetary Control

Budget by Summarised Accounts/Periods

Secondary Ledgers

Create Secondary Ledger

Data Conversion Levels

Daily Exchange Rates

Primary to Secondary Mapping

Subledger Options

Verify Journal Generation

Verify SLA Journal Generation

Inter-company Transactions

Inter-company Balancing

Setup Inter-company Accounts

Enter Inter-company Journal

Post Journals

Verify Inter-company Accounting

AGIS (No Invoicing)

Transaction Types

System Options

Inter-company Periods

Inter-company Organisations

Inter-company Balancing Rules

Inter-company Approvals

AGIS Transaction Flow

AGIS (With Invoicing)

AR/AP Related Setups

AGIS Invoicing Options

Receivables Assignments

Customer/Supplier Associations

Initiate Transactions

Approve Transactions

View Inter-company Invoices


Daily Exchange Rates

Verify Foreign Currency Balances

Setup Unrealised Gain/Loss A/cs

Run Revaluation

Verify Revaluation Journal

Reporting Currency Ledger

RC and Translation

Daily Exchange Rates

Create RC Ledgers

Data Conversion Levels

Translate Balances

View Translated Balances

View Translated Journals


Create COA Mapping

Create Consolidation Ledger

Perform Consolidation

View Consolidation

Ledger Sets

Create Ledger Set

Verify Ledger Set Roles

Assign Ledger Set Roles

Run Reports on Ledger Set

View Results

Closing Entries

Income Statement Closing Entries

Balance Sheet Closing Entries

Generate Closing Entries

View Closing Entries

Accounting Configurations

GL Setup Accounts

AP/AR Setup Accounts

FA/Cash Setup Accounts

INV/PO Setup Accounts

TAX Setup Accounts

Accounting Journals from Modules

Journals from AP

Journals from AR

Journals from FA

Journals from Cash

Journals from PO

Journals from INV

COA Values

Company Values used in Book Set

Account Values used in Book Set

Department Values used in Book Set

COA Values – FBDI Templates

Company Values FBDI Template

Account Values FBDI Template

Department Values FBDI Template

Account Hierarchy FBDI Template

Above Ready to Import Templates Provided

List of Chapters and Topics – SLA

Subledger Accounting Concepts

What does SLA do

Accounting Flow

SLA Structure

Accounting Method

Journal Entry Rule Set and Assignments

Account Combination Rule

Segment Rule

Custom SLAMs and Custom ACRs

Create Custom Account Combination Rule

Create Custom SLAM

Create Custom Journal Entry Rule Set


Verify Custom SLAM Results

Mapping Sets

Create DFF Value Sets

Create a DFF

Create Mapping Set

Setup Input Source

Setup Mappings

Create Custom SLA Structure

Verify Accounting as per Mapping Set

Description Rules

Create a Custom Description Rule

Create Custom SLA Structure

Assign Description Rule

Enter Transactions

Generate Custom SLA Journals

Verify Journal Descriptions

Accounting/Reporting Sequences

Enable Sequencing

Create Sequences

Assign Sequences for SLA Journals

Enter Transactions

Generate SLA Journals

Period Statuses

Verify SLA Journal Sequencing

Supporting References

Create SR with Balances

Create SR without Balances


Create Custom SLA Structure

Assign Supporting References

Enter Transactions

Generate SLA Journals and Verify SRs

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