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List of Chapters and Topics – FA and Cash

Implementation Project

Logging into Fusion

Configure Offerings

Creating Implementation Project

Selecting Offerings

Accessing Task List

Performing Tasks

Accessing Navigator Menus

… More about Impl. Project

Assets Flex Fields

Category Flex Field

Key Flex Field

Location Flex Field

Asset Category Flex Field

Create Value Sets

Setup Category Structure

Setup Category Structure Instance

Deploy Category Flex Field

Asset Key Flex Field

Create Value Sets

Setup Key Structure

Setup Key Structure Instance

Deploy Key Flex Field

Asset Location Flex Field

Create Value Sets

Setup Location Structure

Setup Location Structure Instance

Deploy Location Flex Field

Asset Fiscal Years

Define Fiscal Years

Asset Calendars

Define Asset Calendar

Define Calendar Periods

Asset Setups

Depreciation Methods

Prorating Calendars

Prorating Conventions

Asset Key Combinations

Asset Location Combinations

Depreciation Methods

Life based Methods

Cost Based Methods

Straight Line Methods

Written Down Value Methods

Asset Books

Corporate Books

Tax Books

Asset Category Combinations

Assignment of Asset Books

Fixed Assets Roles

Understanding Roles

Accessing Oracle Identity Manager

Accessing Users in OIM

Assigning Roles

Asset Basic Cycle

Add an Asset

Calculate Depreciation

Close Period

Create Asset Accounting

View SLA Accounting

View GL Accounting


What is Amortisation

Amortised Adjustments

Expensed Adjustments

Cost Adjustments

What is Cost Adjustment

Enter Amortised Cost Adjustment

Depreciation and Accounting

Enter Expensed Cost Adjustment

Depreciation and Accounting

Procuring Assets from Payables

Payables to Assets Cycle

Enter Invoice of Asset Purchase

Invoice Accounting

Create Mass Additions

Prepare Mass Additions

Procuring Assets from Payables…

Creating new Asset

Adding cost to existing Asset

Post Mass Additions

Find newly created Assets


Asset Accounting

CIP Assets and Cost Accumulation

Construction in Progress

Initiating a CIP Asset

Incurring CIP Costs through Payables

Enter Payables Invoices

Create Mass Additions

Prepare Mass Additions

CIP Assets and Cost Accumulation

Accumulate Cost over CIP Asset

Incur Subsequent CIP Costs

Incur Closing CIP Costs

Complete the CIP Asset

Capitalise CIP Asset

CIP Asset Accounting

Depreciate Capitalised Asset

Create Accounting for Payables and Assets

Accounting of CIP Costs

Capitalisation Accounting

Depreciation Accounting

Tax Books

Tax Books and Corporate Books

Create a Tax Book

Associate Tax Book with Corporate Book

Accounting for Tax Books

Set up Categories for Tax Books

Roles for Tax Books

Understand Roles for Tax Books

Access Oracle Identity Manager

Access Users in OIM

Assign Roles

Copy from Corporate to Tax Book

Corporate Book Periods

Tax Book Periods

Copying Assets from Corp to Tax Book

Depreciation Methods for Tax Book

Accounting for Corporate and Tax Books

Periodic Copy Cycle

Group Assets

Individual Vs Group Depreciation

Individual Assets in Corporate Book

Group Assets in Tax Book

Create a Group Asset

Assign Assets to Group Asset

Depreciation for Group Assets

Group Assets…

View Group Depreciation

View Member Asset Depreciation

Group Depreciation Accounting

Asset Revaluation

Setup Revaluation Options

Setup Revaluation Accounts

Initiate Revaluation

Preview Revaluation

Run Revaluation

Asset Revaluation…

Revaluation Status

Run Depreciation and Accounting

Revaluation Accounting

Asset Transfer

Asset Assignments

Employee, Expense A/c and Location

Transfer between employees

Transfer between Locations

Asset Transfer…

Transfer – Balancing Segment Value

Transfer – Cost Centre

Transfer – Other Segment Values

Depreciation and Accounting

Transfer of Costs and Dep Reserve

Inter-company Accounting

Asset Reclassification

Changing Asset Category

Asset Category Defaults

Depreciation Methods for Categories

Initiate Reclassification

Preview Reclassification

Reclassification Accounting

Asset Impairment

What is Impairment

Cash Generating Unit

Enable Impairment

Setup Impairment Accounts

Asset Impairment…

Initiate Impairment

Post Impairment

Verify Impairment

Run Depreciation and Accounting

Impairment accounting

Asset Retirement

Setup Retirement Options

Setup Retirement Accounts

Partial Vs Full Retirement

Setup Cost of Removal A/c

Setup Distribution Set

Asset Retirement

Initiate Retirement

View Retirement

Prepare Retirement

Post Retirement

Depreciation and Create Accounting

View Retirement Accounting

Related AR and AP Accounting

Asset Reinstatement

What is Reinstatement

Perform Reinstatement

Depreciation and Create Accounting

View Reinstatement Accounting

Reinstatement Limitations

Changing Depreciation Method

Depreciation Method Adjustment

Amortised Vs Expensed Change

Run Depreciation

Create Accounting

View Depreciation Calculation

View monthly Depreciation

Unplanned Depreciation

What is Unplanned Depreciation

Amortised Vs Expensed

Initiate Unplanned Depreciation

Submit Unplanned Depreciation

Run Depreciation and Accounting

View Depreciation and Monthly Depreciation

Security by Book

R12 Model of Security

Fusion Model of Security

R12 Responsibilities

Fusion Roles

Override Asset Accounting

What is Override of Accounting

Depreciation and Create accounting

View Accounting

Override Asset Accounting

What-If Depreciation

Specify Hypothetical Assets

Create Depreciation Scenario

View What-If Depreciation

Suspend/Resume Depreciation

Suspend Depreciation

Run Depreciation and Accounting

Resume Depreciation

View Depreciation Trail

Import Assets through FBDI

File Based Data Import

Download FBDI Template

Prepare Assets Data in Template

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Assets from Datafile

Import Assets through FBDI

Prepare Mass Additions Data

Prepare MassAdd Distributions Data

Prepare MassAdd Rates Data

Import Assets through Mass Additions

Reference Data Sets

What is Reference Data Set

Partitioning Data with RDS

Sharing Data with RDS

Create Reference Data Sets

Assign Reference Data Sets

Banks, Branches , Bank Accounts

Create a Bank

Create a Branch

Create a Bank Account

Bank Transaction Codes

Transaction Code for Receipts

Transaction Code for Payments

Cash Management Roles

Understanding Roles

Access Oracle Identity Manager

Access Users in OIM

Assign Roles

Bank Statements

Enter Bank Statements

Bank Statement Controls

Bank Statement Lines


Clearing Receipts

Clearing Payments

Accounting for Clearing

Manual Reconciliation

Reconciliation Tolerance Rules

Assign Tolerance Rules

Reconcile Receipts

Reconcile Payments

Create External Transactions


Auto Reconciliation

Reconciliation Tolerance Rules

Reconciliation Matching Rules

Assign Rules

Run Auto Reconciliation

View Reconciliation Status


External Transactions

What are External Transactions

Create External Transaction Creation Rules

Assign Rules

Enter External Transactions Manually

Reconcile External Transactions

Auto Create External Transactions

Enter Receipts and Payments

Enter Bank Transaction Codes

Enter Bank Statements and Lines

Create External Transaction Creation Rules

Assign Rules

Run Auto Reconciliation

Auto-create External Transactions

Importing Bank Statements FBDI

File Based Data Import

Get a Sample Bank Statement e.g. BAI2

Verify BAI2 File for Bank Account etc

Convert BAI2 to Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Importing Bank Statements FBDI

Import Bank Statement from Datafile

Find Imported Bank Statement

Verify Bank Statement Lines

Cash Forecasting

What is Cash Forecasting

Enter Receivables Invoices

Enter Payables Invoices

View Cash Forecast

Drill-down from Forecast to Invoices

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