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Fusion Book Set

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)

About the Fusion Book Set

Fusion Book Set consists of total 14 Books intended for hands on expertise on Fusion

  • Self Paced Learning Guides
  • Covers Fundamentals as well as Deep Dive
  • Best suited for EBS R12 Consultants seeking immediate knowledge transition to Fusion Financials
  • Best suited for Fusion Consultants seeking to improve their Fusion Knowledge to next level
  • Written on Release 11 Financials Cloud Instance
  • Updated for Release 12

(Step by Step Guide to Fusion Setups and Transaction Flows with Actually executed examples and abundant Fusion Snaps)


  • Fusion General Ledger Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Payables Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Receivables Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Assets Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Cash Management Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Approval Management Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Tax Management Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Roles Management Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Global Intercompany System Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Advanced Collections Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion Expenses Fundamentals and Deep Dive
  • Fusion FBDI – File Based Data Import – Fundamentals
  • Fusion OTBI – Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence – Fundamentals
  • Fusion ADF-DI – Application Developer Foundation – Desktop Integrator – Fundamentals


Total Pages: 4000+

Total EBS Snapshots: 7500+

Total Books (Volumes): 14

Types: paperback (COLOR Edition and BLACK-WHITE Edition)

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List of Chapters and Topics

Click on following links to see Chapters and Topics covered in each Sub Set

Fusion GL and SLA

Fusion Payables and Expenses

Fusion Receivables and Advanced Collections

Fusion Assets and Cash Management

Fusion Tax Management

Fusion AMX (Approvals) and Roles Management

Fusion Release 12 Update

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Reviews and Ratings (Fusion Book Set)

Great Recourse on Fusion Financials

July 15, 2019

Suhas sir has done a great deal of Physical & Mental effort to bring this Masterwork of Fusion Financials into our fold…… It is The First of its kinda Self Study tutorial empowering an Aspirant/Consultant can explore the whole gamut of possibilities which Fusion Financials Cloud offers in his/her disposal sans a Trainer or a Third Party Advice. This has given me a smooth navigating experience across all Fusion Financials without any Technical glitch with more elucidation. I personally feel Oracle Apps Fraternity should be indebted him towards his Contribution to Oracle Apps.

Flipkart Customer

Excellent resource for Oracle Fusion

January 2, 2019

This is an excellent resource someone who wants to learn Fusion Financials from the very beginning without any background knowledge. I like the screenshot and step-by-step approach that Mr.Vaze has taken. I have gone through the original Oracle user and implementation guides, however, those do not have a single screenshot, and are often difficult to follow. Mr.Vaze has, in this book set, taken a different approach. He has explained configuration steps as well as business flows step by step, through detailed screenshots with highlights and explanations wherever necessary. The steps are very detailed and all the important business flows are covered end to end with accounting entries where applicable. I am an experienced Oracle EBS and Fusion Financials implementer. I refer to this book set frequently to learn a new process that I have never encountered before or to clear a doubt. I can recommend this book without hesitation.

Flipkart Customer

Trail Blazing work on Oracle Fusion

April 5, 2018

I have waited for this Product with a Baited Breath…….. The Out come is Awesome as Suhas sir has expended his energy,experience and emotions in compiling these Master Pieces. Books are self explanatory .. easy to follow…shedding light on key aspects and advents of Fusion Financials… This is the One-off Academic Rendition on Oracle Fusion Financials……. No other content is second to this Fantabulous work on Fusion Financials by Suhas Sir! He has improved Oracle Fusion Financials than his previous Contribution to the Oracle Apps Fraternity I.e Oracle R12 -21 Book Set. We are deeply indebted to his erudition and Contribution to Apps folks

Srihari Rao

Very Comprehensive review of Fusion Financials functionality with worked-out examples

July 9, 2020

The Fusion Book set covers functionality for core financial apps in great detail. The worked-out examples will serve as a good refresher for someone with EBS background looking to quickly come up to speed with latest Fusion functionality. A lot of effort seems to have to have gone into the compilation of this book set as there are little/no errors across these multiple volumes. Each functionality has been explained in terms of business value, related set ups and transaction flows to support easy understanding. Thanks to Suhas and his team for this effort. I benefited a lot from it.

Sunder Sukesh

Excellent books on Fusion Financials

October 17, 2019

Excellent books to study with screen shots and explanation

Flipkart Customer

Simply awesome

August 7, 2019


Flipkart Customer

Oracle Fusion Cloud financials books.

May 19, 2019

Excellent books with Step by Step configuration and process functionary.These books are very helpful for real time implementations and also very good explanation regarding the reports and Spread Sheets.

Flipkart Customer

Awesome Guide

April 4, 2019

Good start for learning Fusion Financials , Suhas sir has explained all the subject with very much clarity.

Flipkart Customer

Excellent books

March 16, 2019

Excellent books to study with real time examples

Flipkart Customer

All listed topics

March 8, 2019

Excellent Guide

Bibhuti Panigrahi


February 28, 2019

Excellent Books with screenshots and detailed explanation

Eshwar Nalla

Fantabuluous Books on Oracle Fusion

December 19, 2018

Excellent books with step by step screenshots and detailed explanation of concepts.

Mikhil Sabadra

Oracle Fusion Financials

November 26, 2018

Suhas provided detailed explanation to learn Oracle Fusion Financials. I recommended this product to all consultants who are willing to learn Oracle Financials.

Ramesh Nareddy

Oracle Fusion Financial R13

May 31, 2018

Hai Sir , I want Fusion Book Set Oracle Fusion Financial R13

vagya naik

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