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Fusion AP

Summary – Fusion Payables and Expenses

Oracle Fusion Payables and Fusion Expenses – 2 Volumes cut out from the “11 Vol Book Set on Oracle Financials Cloud” (Oracle Fusion Financials).

A Unique Book Set on the latest Oracle ERP Suitable For

  • Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Financials Consultants (i.e. People who already know Oracle EBS)
  • Trainees and Professionals like CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Other Finance Professionals, working in Oracle ERP.
  • A great Opportunity to Head Start your Oracle ERP Career.

Step by Step Visual Guide to perform Oracle Fusion Financials Functionalities including abundant snaps of actual Oracle Financials Cloud (Fusion) Screens.

800+ Pages (per latest update)

1,500+ Oracle Fusion Snaps  

Covers Setups/Configurations and Transactions.

Fusion AP Bundle Includes Books Covering following Modules

Fusion Payables – 2 Volumes (Includes Fusion Expenses)

List of Chapters and Topics – AP

Implementation Project

Implementation Project

Create Implementation Project

Configure Offerings

Login to Fusion

Creating Business Units

Create a Location

Create a Business Unit

Business Unit Functions

Business Unit Roles

Access Oracle Identity Manager

Assign Roles from OIM

Banks, Branches , Bank Accounts

Create a Bank

Create a Branch

Create a Bank Account

Configure AP for Business Unit

Common Options

Invoice Options

Payment Options

Payment Methods

Payment Terms

Payment Documents

Configure AP for Business Unit …

Payment Formats

Payment Process Profiles

Distribution Sets

More Payables Setups

Procurement Agents

Legislative Groups

Legislative Groups Assignment

Persons in HCM

Users in OIM

Create Procurement Agent

Payables Roles

Understand Payables Roles

Oracle Identity Manager

Accessing Users

Assigning Roles


Supplier Data Model

Create Supplier

Create Supplier Address

Create Supplier Sites

Supplier Site Assignments

Invoice-Payment-Accounting Flow

Enter Invoice

Invoice Validation

Invoice Approval

Invoice Accounting

Full and Partial Payments

Payment Accounting

Register Suppliers

Internal/External Supplier Registration

Approval Rules

Enter Registration Request

Approve Suppliers

Verify Registered Suppliers

Enter Invoices/Payments

Supplier Users

Supplier Registration & Users

Login as Supplier User

Enter/View Invoices


Invoice Validation Process

Run Invoice Validation process


Release Holds

Invoice Validation Status

Create Accounting Process

How Create Accounting works

Run Create Accounting

SLA Journals and GL Journals

Find Journals

View Journals

Drill-down from Journals

Spreadsheet Invoices – ADF-DI

Download ADF-Desktop Integrator

Install ADF-DI

Setup MS Excel

Open Invoice Template

Enter Invoices in Spreadsheet

Upload Invoices

Import Invoices – FBDI

File Based Data Import

Download FBDI Invoice Template

Prepare Data in Template

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Invoices from Datafile

Foreign Currency Invoices

Foreign Currencies

Daily Exchange Rates

Setup Forex Gain/Loss A/cs

Enter Foreign Currency Invoices

Pay Invoices in Foreign Currency

Forex Gain Loss Accounting


Prepayment Types

Enter Prepayment Invoice

Enter Payment

Apply Prepayment to Invoices

Prepayment Accounting

Dr/Cr Memos

Enter Dr/Cr Memo

Validate Dr/Cr Memo

Dr/Cr Memo Accounting

Matching Dr/Cr Memo to Invoice

Payment Process Requests

Payment Methods

Payment Documents

Payment Process Profiles

Auto-generate Check Payments

Auto-generate Electronic Payments

Payment Accounting

Bills Payables/FDP

Bills Payables

Post Dated Checks

Payment Methods

Entering Future Dated Payments

Update Payments on Maturity

Bills Payable Flow and Accounting

Automatic Offsets

What is Automatic Offsets

Automatic Offset as None

Automatic Offset as Primary Balancing

Automatic Offset for Other Segments

Invoice Accounting with Automatic Offsets

Expense and Liability Accounting

Taxes and Withholding Taxes

Covered in Fusion Tax Guide

Expense Reports


Expense Report Templates

Default Expense A/c

Expense Report Approval

Enter/Submit Expense Report

Approve Expense Reports

Expense Reports…

Expense Report Audit

Generate Expense Report Invoices

Validate Invoices

Expense Report Invoice Accounting

Payment of Expense Report Invoices

Spreadsheet Expense Reports

ADF Desktop Integrator

Download and Install ADF-DI

Open Expense Report Spreadsheet

Prepare Expenses in Spreadsheet

Upload Expense Report

Submit Expense Report

Invoice Approval

Enable Invoice Approval

AMX Approval & Force Approval

Setting up AMX Approval Rules

Enter and Submit Invoice for Approval

Approval Notifications

Approve Invoice

Recurring Invoices

General Purpose Calendars

Spreadsheet Template

Enter Template Invoice

Generate Invoices

Find and View Invoices

Purchasing/Inventory Setups

Necessary Setups for PO Matching

Inventory Organisations


Purchasing Doc Approvals

Purchasing Line Types

Accrual A/c, PO Charge and Variance A/cs

Invoice and PO Matching

2/3/4 Way Matching

Create Purchase Order

PO Lines

Validate and Submit PO for Approval

Approve Purchase Order

Enter Invoice

Invoice and PO Matching…

Match Invoice to PO

Holds and Releasing Hold

Invoice Accounting

Variance Accounting

PO/Inventory Additional Setups

Catalog Flex Field

Catalog Flex Field Structure & Instance

Create Catalogs

Create Inventory Item

Pay on Receipt

Set up Suppliers for Pay on Receipt

Enter Purchase Order

Approve PO

Receive Items against PO

Auto-create Invoice from Receipts

Pay on Receipt…

Receipt Accounting

Invoice Accounting

Receipt Status

Petty Cash Management

Setting up GL Accounts

Setting up Supplier

Setting up Bank Account

Distribution Set

Petty Cash Management…

Initiate Petty Cash Fund

Spend Out of Petty Cash Fund

Petty Cash Accounting

Verify Petty Cash Balance

Replenish Petty Cash

Interest Invoices

Overdue Invoices and Interest

Setting up Interest Calculation

Setting up Suppliers

Setting up Interest Rates

Interest Invoices…

Find Overdue Invoices

Auto-generate Interest Invoices

Payment of Overdue and Interest Invoices

Invoice Accounting

Interest Accounting

Import Suppliers – FBDI

File Based Data Import

Download FBDI Templates

Prepare data in Templates

Generate Datafile

Upload Datafile to UCM

Import Suppliers and Related Information

Import Suppliers – FBDI…

Stages in Supplier Import

Import suppliers

Import Supplier Addresses

Import Supplier Sites

Import Supplier Site Assignments

Reference Data Sets

What is Reference Data Set

Partitioning Data with RDS

Sharing Data with RDS

Create Reference Data Sets

Assign Reference Data Sets


What is Encumbrance

Enabling Encumbrance

Budgets and Encumbrance

Funds Available

Encumbrance Setups

Encumbrance Types

EBS R12 Vs Fusion Functionality

Transactions that create Encumbrance

Encumbrance Year

Accounting Methods

Encumbrance and Invoices

EBS R12 Vs Fusion Functionality

Invoice to A/c Cycle

Effect on Funds Available

PO to Invoice with Encumbrance

Enabling Encumbrance for POs

Obligation and Commitment

Setting up PO Encumbrance

Enter and Approve PO

Create and View PO Encumbrance

Enter Invoice

PO to Invoice with Enc (2)…

Match Invoice to PO

PO Matched Invoice Accounting

PO Encumbrance Reversal

Effect on Funds Available

Requisition-PO-Invoice with Encumbrance

Setting up Requisition Encumbrance

Enter Requisition

Create/View Requisition Enc Accounting

Auto-create PO from Req

Create/View PO Enc Accounting

View Requisition Enc Reversal

Funds Available

PO-Receipt-Invoice with Encumbrance

Enter PO

Create/View PO Enc Accounting

Receive Material for PO

Create Receipt Accounting

View Accounting for Receipts

PO Encumbrance Reversal

PO-Receipt-Invoice with Enc (2)…

Invoice and 3 Way Matching to PO

Invoice Accounting

Funds Available

11 Volume Book Set on Oracle Fusion Financials (Oracle Financials Cloud)

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