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EBS AP, iExpense and Approval Mgmt


Oracle EBS AP, iExpense and Approvals Management consists of 5 Volumes cut out from 21 Volume Book Set on Oracle (eBusiness Suite R12) Financials

The 21 Volume Book Set for eBusiness Suite R12 Financials is suitable for

  • Trainees and Professionals like CAs, MBAs, CMAs
  • Other Finance Professionals, working in Oracle ERP.
  • A great Opportunity to Head Start your Oracle ERP Career.

Step by Step Visual Guide to perform Oracle R12 EBS Functionalities including abundant snaps of actual Oracle EBS R12 screens.

850+ Pages

1600+ Oracle EBS Snaps  

Covers Setups/Configurations and Transactions.

Oracle Payables – 3 Volumes

Oracle Internet Expenses – 1 Volume

Oracle Approvals Management – 1 Volume

List of Chapters and Topics – AP, iExpense and Approvals Management (AME)


Creating Suppliers and Supplier Addresses

Creating Supplier Sites

Setting up Supplier Site Accounting and Other TABs

Supplier Sites and Operating Units

Basic Payables Setups

Creating and Assigning Distribution Sets

Creating Payment Terms

Financial Options

Payables Options

Payables Invoices

Setting Profile Option for Batch Control

Entering Invoices

Invoice Validation Process

Holds and Releasing Holds

Accounting of Invoices

Invoice SLA Journal and GL Journal

Create Accounting Process and Journal Import

Detailed and Summary Journals

Debit and Credit Memos

Creation to Accounting Cycle for Debit Credit memos

Foreign Currency Invoices

Currency Exchange Rate Types

Entering Daily Currency Exchange Rates

Entering Foreign Currency Invoices

PO Matched Invoices

2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way Matching Types

Creating a Purchase Order

Receiving Material

Receiving Transaction Processor

Entering and Matching a Payables Invoice to Purchase Order

Invoice Price Variance and Purchase Price Variance


Pre-payment Invoice and Payment

Applying Pre-payment to Invoice

Pre-Payment Accounting Flow

Temporary and Permanent Pre-payments

Retention Invoices

What is Retention Money

Setup Retainage in Financial Options

Setup Suppliers for Retention Money

Setup Purchase Order Document Style with Retainage

Creating Complex PO with Retainage

Entering Invoices and Retention

Releasing Retention Money

Multi-Period Accounting

What is Multi-Period Accounting


MPA Setups

Prepaid/Deferred Expense and Actual Expense

Creating Account Derivation Rule

Creating Distribution Set

Creating Custom SLAM

Creating Custom AAD

Creating Custom JLD

Accrual JLT and Recognition JLT

Configuring Multi-Period Accounting

MPA Transaction Flow

Entering MPA Payables Invoice

Basic Accounting for MPA Invoice

Recognition Accounting for MPA Invoice

Completion of MPA Accounting


What is Encumbrance

Enabling and Setting up Encumbrance

Requisition Encumbrance

Purchase Order Encumbrance

Invoice Encumbrance

Requisition to Invoice – Inventory

Entering and Approving Requisition

Requisition Encumbrance

Auto-creating PO

Approving PO

PO Encumbrance

PO Receipt and Delivery

PO Encumbrance Reversal

AP Invoice-PO Matching

Invoice Encumbrance and Accounting

Requisition to Invoice – Asset/Exp

Entering and Approving Requisition

Requisition Encumbrance

Auto-creating PO

Approving PO

PO Encumbrance

PO Receipt and Delivery for Quantity Only

AP Invoice-PO Matching

PO Encumbrance Reversal

Invoice Encumbrance and Accounting

Banks Accounts

Creating a Bank and Branch

Creating a Bank Account

Bank Account Organization Access

Associating GL Accounts with Bank Account

Payment Setups

Payment Administrator

Creating Payment Formats

Creating Payment Methods

Creating Payment Process Profiles

Creating Payment Document Category

Creating Payment Documents


Paying an Invoice in Full

Quick Payments and Manual Payments

Payment Accounting

Automatic Payments Generation

Payment Manager

Payment generation for Check Payments

Creating Payment Process Profile

Submitting Payment Process Request

Printing Payments

Printing Payment Instruction Register

Finding Generated Payments

Payment Generation for Electronic Payments

Future Dated Payments

Bills Payable and Post dated Checks

Setting up Payment Methods for Future Dated Payments

Issuing a Bills Payable or Post Dated Check

Updating Matured Bills Payable

Accounting Cycle of Future Dated Payments

Payables Expense Reports

Setting up Payables Options for Expense Reports

Setting up Employees and Cost Centers

Creating Expense Report Templates

Entering an Expense Report

Receipt Requirement and Verifying Receipts

Importing Expense Reports as Invoices

Reimbursing the Expenses (Payment)

Withholding Tax Setups

Setting up Payables Options for Withholding Tax

Setting up Tax Authority

Defining a Special Calendar

Defining Withholding Tax Code

Verification of Withholding Tax Group

Setup Supplier for Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax Transaction Flow

Period Dependencies

Entering and Validating an Invoice

View Withholding Tax Distributions

Creating Accounting for Invoice

Payment of Invoice

Auto creation of Withholding Tax Invoice

Validation and Payment of Withholding Tax Invoice

Accounting of Withholding Tax Invoice

Recurring Invoices

Defining a Special Calendar

Defining a Recurring Invoice

Generating an Invoice from the Recurring Invoice

Creating Invoices for Subsequent Months

Interest Invoices

Setting up Interest Invoices in Payables Options

Setting up Supplier for Interest Invoices

Setting up Interest Rates

Perform Transaction Flow of Interest Invoice

View the Auto generated Interest Invoices


Multi-Org Structure

Business Group

Legal Entity


Operating Units


Configuring Payables OU from Scratch

Creating an Operating Unit

Setting up Payables Responsibility and User

Defining Profile Options

Perform Payables Operating Unit Setup Tasks

Test the Operating Unit by entering Transactions

Creating Business Groups

Understanding Business Groups

Setting up new Business Group

Partitioning and Sharing Data across Business Groups

Creating Operating Units/Orgs within Business Group

Setup 1099 Tax and Reporting

Understanding 1099 Tax and Reporting

1099 Withholding Tax Code and Group

Income Tax Types

Distribution Sets with ITT

Setting up Reportable Suppliers

Setting up Withholding Tax Behavior

1099 Transaction Flow

Entering Invoice on 1099 Suppliers

Income Tax Types on Invoice Lines and Distribution Lines

Making Payments for 1099 Invoices

1099 Reporting

1099 Withholding Tax Invoices

Update Income Tax Details Utility

List of Chapters / Topics for Oracle Internet Expenses

Setting up Internet Expenses

Setting up Profile Options

Setting up Employees for iExpenses usage

Setting up Approvers and Signing Limits

Setting up iExpenses Auditor

Setting up iExpenses Administrator

Defining iExpenses Templates

Transaction Flow of Internet Expenses

Employee enters an Expense Report

Necessary Receipts are Submitted

Manager(s) Approve Expense Reports and Policy Violations

Auditor Check and Accepts/Rejects the Expense Report

Expense Reports are Converted to Invoices

Automatic Reimbursements are created for the Invoices

List of Topics and Chapters for Approvals Management (AME)

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21 Volume Book Set on Oracle eBusiness Suite R12 Financials

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