Unlocking Opportunities

A Guide to Landing Your Dream Job as an Oracle Functional Consultant


Join us for a power-packed 1-hour webinar where we’ll delve into the key strategies and insights you need to secure a fulfilling career as an Oracle Functional Consultant. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to transition or a recent graduate aspiring to enter the field, this session is tailored to provide you with actionable steps and insider knowledge.


(1) Introduction to Oracle Functional Consulting (10 mins):

Overview of the role and its significance in enterprise resource planning (ERP).
Understanding the skills and qualifications needed for success.


(2) Navigating the Oracle Ecosystem (15 mins):

Exploration of Oracle’s suite of applications and technologies.
Identifying specialization areas within Oracle Functional Consulting.

(3) Building a Winning Resume and LinkedIn Profile (10 mins):

Crafting a resume that highlights your Oracle expertise.
Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for job opportunities.


(4) Mastering the Interview Process (15 mins):

Common interview questions for Oracle Functional Consultant roles.
Tips on showcasing your skills and experience effectively.


(5) Networking Strategies (5 mins):

Leveraging online and offline networks to discover job opportunities.
Building connections within the Oracle community.

(6) Professional Development and Continuous Learning (10 mins):

Staying updated on Oracle’s latest features and updates.
The importance of ongoing training and certifications.


(7) Q&A Session (5 mins):

Engage with our experienced panel in a live Q&A session.
Get personalized advice and insights.

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